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Command Mission:

The U.S. Naval Air Pacific Repair Activity (NAPRA) is the forward-based arm of the Naval Air Systems Command Team. As the NAVAIR program manager for all overseas depot level aircraft repair programs, NAPRA maintains organic repair capability in Okinawa, and contracted repair capability in Japan, Korea and Singapore, to support multiple carrier battle groups (CVBG). NAPRA is also the NAVICP program manager of the WESTPAC Component Repair Program (CRP), orchestrating repair programs in Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Australia.

Billet Description:

UIC: 66021

BSC: 83100

Billet Title:

PRIMARY: Contracts Business Officer (AIR 2.0)

SECONDARY: Industrial Material Management Officer (AIR 6.3)

This billet requires the 1306 subspecialty code (Navy Acquisition Contracting Officer). DAWIA Level 2 Certification in Contracting must be achieved within 18 months of arrival. This billet does not include a contracting warrant. All contracts are signed by FISC Yokosuka or NRCC Singapore. NAPRA CO, an O-5 billet, signs FITREPs.

POC Name: LCDR Ed Graves Jr., SC, USNR

POC Phone: DSN 264-3182, Fax 264-3134

POC Mail: GravesE@Napra. Navy. Mil or PSC 477 Box 35, FPO, AP 96306

Billet Responsibilities:

This billet is the technical expert and program manager for all contracting, logistics, and supply related functions required to support depot level aircraft maintenance programs. Incumbent supervises civilian, military, and Japanese host national employees, including Supply Management Representatives (SMR) at DCMA offices in Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Australia. This position requires limited travel to Korea, Singapore, and CONUS. This billet assumes all Comptroller duties of no-essential operations (NEO), if personnel are evacuated.

Quality of Life:

Japan is a wonderful place to spend an overseas tour. The people are the most friendly and trustworthy in the world. You’re treated as a guest in every respect, regardless of the world turmoil facing Americans elsewhere. Living on the economy is an adventure that should not be missed. Many officers choose to remain off base when on base housing is offered. MWR sponsors tours to Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China, and Australia. Everyone climbs Mt. Fuji at least once.

Participation in professional organizations is encouraged. Supply Corps Association of Japan, National Contract Management Association, and Defense Acquisition University frequently sponsor professional training and education programs in the local area.

Command Mission:

To maintain and operate facilities provide installation services and materials to support operations of a Marine Aircraft Wing or units thereof, and other activities and units designated by the Commandant of the Marine Corps in coordination with the Chief of Naval Operations.

Billet Description:

Billet Title: Supply Officer, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma

Billet Location: Okinawa, Japan

UIC: 63026

BSC: 03010

Tour Length: 36 months accompanied/12 months unaccompanied

Incumbent: LT Bernard Domingo

Phone: DSN 315.636.3100 or 3225



Responsible to the Commanding Officer (Marine O-6), MCAS Futenma for the operation of the Supply Department: MCAS Futenma’s mission is to support Fleet Marine Force aircraft and the United Nations in the Far East. The Commanding Officer, MCAS Futenma delegates administrative issues to the Commanding Officer (Marine O-5), Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron (H&HS), MCAS Futenma, who you report to for administrative issues. Marine Air Group 36 (MAG-36) and Marine Air Control Group 18 (MACG-18) are also located on Futenma, but are separate entities.

As MCAS Department Head, you have responsibility for traditional supply functions, including supply management, fiscal, property, fuels and food service. Your staff includes approximately 6-10 Navy enlisted, 55-70 Marine enlisted and 51 civilians. You work mainly with Marine Corps personnel and issues. This tour offers a great opportunity to experience the Marine Corps professionalism and traditions.

Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron (H&HS), MCAS Futenma is a command of approximately 325-350 personnel, primarily Marine aviation officers and enlisted. On the Navy side, there ate approximately 14 Navy personnel in the command. There are two other Navy officers, both are Chaplains. The senior enlisted Navy personnel on board are an SKC and an ABFC.

Quality of Life:

Okinawa is a small but beautiful island where you are immersed in Japanese culture. Located approximately 300 miles off the southern tip of mainland Japan, you are just a Space “A” flight away from Singapore, Korea, Tokyo, Hawaii, Guam, Thailand, Bangkok, and Seattle/LA.

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