A message from the Chief of Supply Corps

A message from the Chief of Supply Corps

J.D. McCarthy

As you all know by now, we have been focused on expanding our role in the operational logistics arena over the last year. As a result of those efforts, we have completed development of a Joint Operational Logistics Career Path; identified the associated education, training and experience requirements; established ten new Joint Logistics billets (with 16 additional billets in work); and established a Joint Operational Logistics intern program. Our officers are expanding their impact in the joint arena on a daily basis and I continually receive feedback to that effect. Our immediate objective is to reach a target population of approximately 10 percent of our Corps in the joint operational logistics career track. That level of participation will be adequate to fill our current operational logistics billet base. We will reassess this number as our billets expand in future years.

Given this expanding focus on operational logistics support, we thought you might appreciate seeing some examples of the types of things our Supply Corps officers are doing in this area. This issue of the Newsletter includes several such examples. You’ll see articles on Operation Iraqi Freedom logistics support and GWOT logistics as seen through the eyes of Supply Corps officers supporting our Special Warfare community. You’ll also find an expanded list of those active duty and Reservists who have been forward deployed for Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom as we continue to recognize those forward in direct support of theater operations.

Other articles in this edition include coverage of the promotion of CWO5 Leon Cole, the Navy’s first CWO5 since the Navy reinstated the rank; an update on our joint Navy and Marine Corps efforts to improve our logistics integration; a report on Tandem Thrust support in the Pacific; and coverage on supporting Navy families in the wake of the California wildfires. As you can imagine, the range of these articles highlights yet again the many ways our Corps is making a difference “on the front lines.”

Thanks to all those who have shared their stories for this edition. Keep them coming!

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