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LWV first-seeking leaders with visions – LWVUS Nominations

Connie Ferguson

An Invitation from the Nominating Committee

The League’s future national leaders currently are active in their local Leagues or serve on state League boards and committees. They are women and men who have the talent, skills, energy and vision to contribute to LWVUS through serving on our Board or Nominating Committee (NC). They would welcome the opportunities that come with service in the League at the national level. You or someone you know may be one of them. Look around!

Positions To Be Filled

According to the Bylaws, the NC is to nominate people for the following positions: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and eight Directors, all to serve on the LWVUS Board; and four non-Board members of the NC, including a chair or co-chairs. The newly elected Board then names three of its members to serve with the four elected members on the NC, for a total of seven members. LWVUS Bylaws do not require a single slate, although In League recommends this. Nominations from the floor are accepted, with the consent of the nominee.

Requirements For Office

The only absolute requirement for election to the LWVUS Board or Nominating Committee is League membership. You need not have held offices at the local or state levels. We are seeking people with a broad range of interests and experience from all types of communities and Leagues. Ideally, our national leadership will be diverse in place of residence, race, ethnicity, age, skills, talents and more.

Personal Qualities

When recommending someone, please consider whether that person is best suited to Board or NC service. The jobs are different. Some people, although not all, may be well suited for either role.

The NC is seeking candidates who work well with people, communicate well, have critical thinking skills, and are flexible and open to change. They should be willing and able to devote the time needed for preparation, meetings and other Board activities. National Board members may bring specific interests to the board, but they will share responsibility for the full range of Board decisions and financial oversight.

How To Recommend A Candidate

Please use the form on page 4 to recommend yourself or someone else. You may make copies of the form. The postmark deadline is October 1, 2003, or you may submit the form by fax or email, as indicated on the form, by that date. For an online nomination form, go to www.lwv.org, click on “Members Site,” and then click on “Convention/Council.” (See Good Bytes on page 16 for information on the Members Site.)

There are potential national League leaders in many local Leagues throughout the country. The seven of us on the NC know many of you, but there are many we do not know. We are depending on you to tell us about yourself or someone else who is ready to accept the challenges and rewards of national League leadership.

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