Campaign finance reform

Campaign finance reform – Hill Bulletin

Shirley Tabata Ponomareff

Legislation requiring broadcasters to provide free air time to qualified federal candidates is being prepared by Senators McCain (R AZ), Feingold (D WI) and Durbin (D IL). The legislation would help de-emphasize large contributions by reducing candidates’ dependence on raising money and better inform the public about candidates.

At the same time, the lower court decision in the legal suit challenging the new McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, expected earlier this year, is still pending. The ban on soft money and the limits on sham issue ads have been challenged in that case. At this writing, it is not clear whether the Supreme Court could hear an appeal from the lower court in time to ensure clear rules and an orderly application of the rules to the presidential and other elections in 2004.

What You Can Do:

Contact Senators and ask them to cosponsor the McCain-Feingold-Durbin legislation to provide free air time to candidates and parties.

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