Mail call

Mail call

Poster Lacked Diversity

I always look forward to receiving my issue of your publication. The articles are usually very informative and applicable to current events and news of day [But April’s] issue with the center photo spread was very disappointing. When I looked at the photo captioned “Join the NGAUS: the key to a modem, ready and accessible National Guard,” I noticed that my organization chose to use a photo without any reflection of the female or minority membership in the Guard. As I was pulling up the web site to bring this to your attention, I became even more incensed that the photograph you published and on the cover of the March 2000 issue had been cropped, excluding the female and minority members from the same picture used for your home page. As originally I was ready to allow for an oversight in the published photo, NOW I am even more disappointed that the exclusion was done purposefully.

Lt. Col. Billie J. Faust

Michigan Air National Guard

Editor’s note: We received other similar communications on this matter. The art in question is part of a photo illustration derived from several photos. The entire collage would not fit on the cover or the poster. The images used were intended to show the breadth of the National Guard’s combat capability. Unfortunately, they do not reflect the breadth of the Guard’s diversity.

Photo Had Safety Violation

Some great stories and photos in the April issue. It sure would have been better if the Guardsmen [using power tools while working on a pre-fabricated building in the Dominican Republic] in the photo on page 37 were wearing eye protection!

Col. Thomas E. Kupferer

Illinois Army National Guard

Unsung Contributions

I would like to comment on the article in the May 2000 issue, “JRTC-Bound Unit Makes Record Barge Move on Mississippi River” (Page 40). I would like to clarify some issues with this item. I am commander of the 158th Maintenance Unit, Det-1, in Dadeville, Ala. We were assigned to support the mission at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, La. We were located in Alexandria, La., where we were tasked with unloading the barges. Chief Warrant Officer Steve Dennis, officer in charge, along with 35 of our best soldiers successfully unloaded some 1,024 pieces of equipment in less than two days.

To this day we have received no credit for what we accomplished. Everything that has been printed in newspapers and magazines gives the Indiana soldiers all the credit. I am proud of the mission my unit performed. We performed the mission with no safety incidents or equipment problems in a very timely and safe manner.

1st Lt. Johnny E Keel

Alabama Army National Guard Looking for National Guard Heritage Series Paintings

I would appreciate your assistance in who I should write. I need the address of who to contact about requesting more of the National Guard

Heritage Posters. The poster I want is titled, “Cowboy Artillery at Soyang.” Information at the bottom of the poster reads “NGB 83-195A, APRIL 1988, U.S. GPO: 1988212-024.”


Letters to Mail Call should include name, rank, address and a daytime telephone number.

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Mail Call

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I was a member of Battery A, 300th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, the unit depicted in the poster and was Chief of Section of the howitzer shown. I famished Mort Kunstler the artist, with personal photographs to assist him with his painting.

Our Battery A, 300th Armored Field Artillery Association has 104 members, many of them being fillers and replacements to our unit after we were mobilized in August of 1950. I have had requests from many of our members for a copy of the poster, hence my request for more posters.

The last address I have for obtaining the posters is not current.

Bill Whitt

Wyoming Army National Guard

Editor’s Note: National Guard Bureau Historical Services handles the National Guard Heritage Series Paintings. They recently relocated and can now be reached by writing to: NGB-PAH, 1411 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 11200, Alexandria, Ua. 22202-3231. Most of the paintings can be viewed online at From the home page go to Reference fr Research and then to Gallery.

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