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Privatizing government – Letters – Letter to the Editor

Larry Boudreau

* The June 6 NCR editorial, “With tax cuts, U.S. abdicates responsibility,” identifies two issues, namely, who really pays the bills for the excesses of the federal government, and what is the real plan of this Bush administration.

While this administration granted a $350 billion tax cut for the rich, the same administration simultaneously signed a bill to raise the U.S. national debt by $1 trillion. In other words, the Bush administration is paying for the tax cut by borrowing money that the federal government does not have. Two conclusions are obvious, both of which require uncompromising response from the religious community because they deal with issues of basic morality.

The first conclusion is that the poor and the middle class will have to pay for this extravagance with some type of new taxes and with a concomitant limit on the basic services that they have a right to expect from a competent government. The second is that the Bush administration’s long-range plan seems to be to bankrupt the federal government so that all government services can be turned over to the corporations that they serve.


San Antonio

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