Kingsolver Kudos

Kingsolver Kudos – dear mother

Banks Dixon

Give thanks for Barbara Kingsolver! Her essay in the November 2001 issue (“Knowing Our Place”) was quite eye opening and inspirational (just like her books). I also commend MOTHER for informing folks about the Nature Conservancy with Kingsolver’s essay. However, I am surprised that MOTHER made no mention of smaller local land trusts.

While the Nature Conservancy is doing an amazing job and is able to work on a global level, they don’t have the resources to reach deep into every community, city, county or parish, and region in the United States. It’s in these places that local land trusts make the difference. These nonprofit organizations can be found in every state across our country, and they are doing amazing things for the communities they work in. I would encourage readers to take some time to search out their area land trusts, get involved, become a member, volunteer and donate funds or even land. One good way to begin searching for a land trust near you is by visiting the Land Trust Alliance Web page at and clicking on “Find a Land Trust,” or call (202) 638-4725.


Durham, North Carolina

If you are interested in preserving farmland for sustainable agriculture use, American Farmland Trust can help you find a farm land trust in your area. Call (202) 331-7300 for more details. –MOTHER

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