Sessions & Studio News

Sessions & Studio News


Producer Roy Thomas Baker tracked and overdubbed Split Shift’s latest release (NoName/Elektra) in Glenwood Place’s (Burbank) Studio 1 with engineer Daniel Kresco. Ziggy Marley and producer/engineer Ross Hogarth had Studio 2 booked…The Wallflowers were in Skip Saylor Recording (Los Angeles) with mixer Bill Appleberry for an upcoming MTV live release; Jason Vescio assisted. Justin Timberlake spent some time with producers The Underdogs, tracking and mixing for his latest release. Dave Russel engineered and mixed the effort, while Kevin Mahoney and Jason Gossman assisted.


Rufus Wainwright was working with producer/engineer Marius Dvries at Loho Studios (NYC)…Dr. John was in The Clubhouse (Rhinebeck, NY) with producer John Platania and musical director Michael Pillot to track new songs for an original Nickelodeon Series called Littleburg. The series will feature Dr. John’s original theme song, along with music by Guy Davis, John Platania and Whoopi Goldberg. Paul Antonell engineered and Sean Price assisted on Pro Tools…Producer Charles “Poogie” Bell Jr. was at Unique Recording in New York City working on Kenji Hino’s forthcoming album for Universal Japan. Guests musicians included John Scofield and Kenny Garrett. Engineer Christian “Wicked” Wicht mixed the effort, with Kaori Kinoshita assisting.


The Plant Recording Studios (Sausalito, CA) has seen Tower of Power (producer Emilio Castillo and engineer Tom Flye), Prozac (mastering engineer John Cuniberti) and Zack de La Rocha (DJ Shadow producing and Jim Abbiss engineering and mixing) working on new projects.


Blue Room Studio’s (Chicago) producer/engineer Edgars Legzdins recorded and mixed new material with Turnerjoy; Lauren Pagni assisted. Also working with Legzdins and Pagni were Prolixon and Plane mixing their upcoming albums…Also checking out Chicago’s bright lights were Spirit Web, who rapped up a three-month effort at Up on the Roof Recording with engineer Mark Blas. Marty Bilecki mastered the album at Performance (Orland Hills, IL)…Producer/remixer Greg Schelander of LoudBUG! Productions (Minneapolis) recently remixed the latest single releases from Grammy and Emmy Award [superscript][TM] -winning Val Watson, Tiff Lacey, Valerie M, L-KAE and Me & My.


Grammy Award-winning producer/song-writer/guitarist Rene Toledo has been working with Julia Iglesias at the Hit Factory Criteria (Miami), and mixing El Puma’s and pianist Raul Diblasio’s next efforts with engineers Carlos Alvarez and Mike Rivera.


Nichole Nordeman (Sparrow Records) recorded live cuts for her next release at The Door (Dallas). Reelsound Recording’s mobile truck recorded the event. Production credits include: producer Brad O’Donnell, engineers Russ Long and Malcolm Harper, and assistants Woody Woodard and Joey Lomas…Rock-House Studio (Fort Worth, Texas) completed final mixes on Head First, the new album by John Gomez. The effort was engineered and produced by Mark Merritt and Earl Musick.

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