Don’t call her ‘Doll’

Some people have already moved beyond 2004 and are planning for the 2008 election.

Meet Emil Vicale, capitalist.

He’s the man behind the Hillary Clinton action figure. Wearing a navy blue pants suit, matching shoes, a light blue blouse and white panty and bra set (or so the Web site says), Hillary answers the call of the 2008 White House race. She’s the first in a series of female action figures that will be offered. The Hillary figure comes out Nov. 1.

Hil joins other political figures already in the inventory: John Kerry, Howard Dean, Arnold Schwarzenegger and President George W. Bush. See for other available political action figures, pop culture stars or villains.

The Hillary action figure costs $19.95 if purchased before Nov. 1, and $24.95 after that.

— Kathy Flanigan

Snark search

Anyone with access to a computer, a spiteful attitude and a few minutes to kill would be well advised (just go there) to check out a couple of the most vicious, and most fun, Web sites available.

One is It’s gossip as it should be — catty. It’s often ahead of the pack that is People, US and In Touch magazines.

Also, check out, which allows those of us in Milwaukee to be as cynical about life in Los Angeles as those who live there are. Bonus: We don’t get their boring weather.

— Kathy Flanigan

Women’s work

Ten Speed Press is too clever by half. First, they would like you to believe that the word that most commonly refers to a female dog actually means Babe In Control of Herself. All that is to introduce the book “You Say I’m a (Expletive) Like It’s a Bad Thing,” by Ed Polish and Darren Wotz. You might notice they are both men.

Described as “a delirious compendium of ladylike refinement, frivolity and merriment,” the $12.95 book uses advertising images from the 1950s and ’60s with cranked-up affirmations and saucy sayings about love, motherhood, housework, menopause, shopping and diet.

It’s perfect for anyone who regularly uses the terms “domestic goddess” or “self-styled diva.”

— Kathy Flanigan

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