U.S. Army Military Police Corps Regiment Hall Of Fame Ceremony

U.S. Army Military Police Corps Regiment Hall Of Fame Ceremony – Brief Article

The U.S. Army Military Police Corps Regiment Hall of Fame Ceremony was held during the 59th Military Police Anniversary week on 27 September 2000. The ceremony took place in Lincoln Hall Auditorium at the Maneuver Support Center, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, with over 400 military and civilian personnel attending. The Hall of Fame event is a time-honored tradition within the Corps, distinguishing military police warriors, both military and civilian, for their contributions not only to the Military Police Corps but to the nation as well.

The Hall of Fame ceremony began with the Commandant’s coffee welcoming the returning heroes and their families to the current home of the Military Police Corps Regiment, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Brigadier General Donald J. Ryder, Commandant; Colonel David F. Treuting, Assistant Commandant; CSM Harold L. Burleson, who was also the Regimental Command Sergeant Major and the Military Police School directors recognized this year’s honorees, as well as past honorees.

The honorees’ family members and friends also attended this prestigious event. The 399th Army Band’s musical selections instilled the audience with the camaraderie and patriotism that is ever so present within the Military Police Corps. During the ceremony, each inductee was presented the Hall of Fame coin and a certificate. The inductees then revisited and relived the many different accomplishments and contributions that they performed while a member of the Military Police Corps. After the induction, the honorees placed their photographs in the Hall of Fame corridor in Bandholtz Wing of Thurman Hall. Following this noteworthy event, the Hall of Fame recipients were honored at a reception hosted by the Military Police School.

The following are the honorees for this year’s Hall of Fame:

Brigadier General (R) Sherian G. Cadoria Service Career: 1961 – 1990

General Cadoria was a trailblazer throughout her stellar and diverse 29-year career. Initially, she served in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) and then chose to branch transfer to the Military Police Corps in the early 1970s. Among her many firsts, she was one of the first women to serve as a military police officer. General Cadoria served in the Republic of Vietnam from January 1967 to October 1969. There she was assigned to the Office of the U. S. Army Vietnam Provost Marshal and later to the Qui Nhon Support Command. During this assignment, she was awarded three Bronze Stars and also an Air Medal for meritorious service at Cam Ranh Bay. Later she served as Commander, MP School Battalion, and subsequently, Commander, First Region CID Command. She also served as a Director on the Joint Staff for the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Since her retirement, she has served in a variety of leadership positions in the community and corporate and academic worlds. Her significant contributions to the Military Police Corps, the U.S. Army, and America are a reflection of her belief that “the dictionary is the only place where `success’ comes before `work’.”

Colonel (R) Alexander P. Sowa, Jr. Service Career: 1967- 1992

Colonel Sowa commanded in every position from platoon through brigade and held key positions at several major Army commands and Department of the Army levels during his outstanding career. From the Republic of Vietnam, Germany, and Saudi Arabia to numerous stateside locations, Colonel Sowa consistently epitomized the military police warrior ethos and spirit.

As the 89th Military Police Brigade Commander at Fort Hood, Texas, he spearheaded multiple corps-sized unit movements during Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Desert Calm in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait. As a Pentagon senior staff officer, Colonel Sowa’s knowledge, firm allegiance, and vision paved the groundwork for the Military Police Corps to become the Army’s “Force of Choice.” His unwavering dedication to soldiers, the Military Police Corps, and the Army embodies a true professional.

Colonel Sowa is a current member of the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame and continues to volunteer his knowledge and insight to his community and his country.

Command Sergeant Major (R) Marcelino Malavet, Jr. Service Career: 1966 – 1996

CSM Malavet faithfully dedicated himself to 30 years of extraordinary service to the United States Army and the Military Police Corps Regiment. He always sought out the tough, challenging jobs involving soldiers. His keen organizational abilities and dedicated leadership were instrumental in creating one of the finest NCO academies in the U.S. Army. His commitment to giving every soldier a chance to succeed produced some of our best military police warriors currently serving in the NCO ranks.

He has served around the globe from Puerto Rico to Germany to Southwest Asia where he is well known for his literary and artistic talents. Throughout his career, he touched countless lives with his sage counsel, compassion, leadership, and love for soldiers. Senior leaders throughout the Military Police Corps and the Army continue to seek him out for his insight and advice. CSM Malavet’s duty performance, caring attitude, and emphasis on Army values directly affected all soldiers under his charge, as well as senior leaders.

The Military Police Corps Hall of Fame represents true excellence in deeds, and this year’s inductees are no exception. They truly exemplify the Military Police motto:

“Of the Troops, For the Troops.”

The Hall of Fame information was provided by the Director of the Personnel Proponency, LTC Joseph D. Huber.

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