Chief, Military Police Corps Regiment, and Commandant, United States Army Military Police School

Chief, Military Police Corps Regiment, and Commandant, United States Army Military Police School – Brief Article

Donald J. Ryder

Anniversary Week went extremely well here at USAMPS, as I am sure it did at each of your places of duty. During the 59th Anniversary Regimental Ball, the attendees had the great privilege to hear 1SG (R) Nick Bacon, recipient of the Medal of Honor, speak. All were inspired as one of our own humbly spoke of the events in his life. We thank 1SG (R) Bacon for sharing his time and thoughts with us.

During the week, we also conducted the Change of Responsibility for the Regimental Command Sergeant Major. We welcome the new Regimental Command Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major Daniel B. Rimmer, coming to us from the 14th MP Brigade. He is very capable and will do great things for the Regiment for many years to come. Unfortunately, Command Sergeant Major Harold L. Burleson will be retiring after thirty years of selfless service. I would like to thank him; his wife, Brigitte; and his daughters, Miriam and Maresa, for being a super MP family. The former Regimental Command Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major Burleson traveled the globe, showing the Regimental Colors and motivating all soldiers to uphold the professional standards we know he holds for himself. We will surely miss his outstanding leadership and great demeanor. His entire career has been about soldiers–leading, guiding, and caring for all soldiers, family members, and DA civilians. His wonderful attitude has been infectious and touches everyone he comes in contact with and beyond. If you have not, please drop him a note or email, or phone him to let him know how much he will be missed and to thank him for the outstanding leadership he has bestowed on the whole Regiment. He has a saying, “Every soldier has a Sergeant, and I would like to thank him for being mine.

We also inducted three heroes into the MP Hall of Fame: Brigadier General (R) Sherian G. Cadoria, Colonel (R) Alexander Paul Sowa, Jr., and Command Sergeant Major (R) Marcelino Malavet, Jr. Congratulations to these great leaders who represent 84 years of leadership and sacrifice to the MP Corps. We also instituted a new program to recognize great MP men and women around the world — it is the “Order of the Marechaussee.” The Marechaussee Corps was the Revolutionary War equivalent to modern day MP and it is from there that we get the word Marshal of Provost Marshal. The first awards of the Order of the Marechaussee were given during the Anniversary Ball. The gold medal was awarded to 1SG (R) Nick Bacon. The silver medals were awarded to TRADOC Drill Sergeant of the Year, SFC Damian G. McIntosh, and CID Warrant Officer, CW5 Jerold J. Unruh. Three bronze medals went to this year’s winners of the MP Warfighter Team Competition. Congratulations to SGT Herbert C. Campbell, SPC Erick A. Aldama, and SPC Timothy E. Sarvis from the 1st MP Company, 1st Infantry Division, Wurzburg, Germany.

In closing, I want to thank each of you for being “On Point for the Nation.” Your hard work and sacrifice does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by all. Military Police around the world are doing great things for the Corps, the Army, and the Nation. You continue to meet the tactical and strategic needs of the nation in an exemplary manner, and we are all thankful. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see you in my travels.

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