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Eddie D. Shope

The new Chief of the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) Master Analyst Branch (AMAB) is Sergeant First Class Shope. My predecessor, Master Sergeant Kristine Sleighter, is now “standing up” the digital tactical operations center (TOC) in Rowe Hall, at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The digital TOO replicates a brigade TOC with all of the Army Battle Command Systems (ABCSs).

What is new with the ASAS Master Analyst Course (AMAC)? With the ongoing fielding of the ASAS Block II Remote Workstation (RWS), we are developing and transitioning our training to support the new system. Beginning with AMAC 01-003 (4 June through 30 July 2001), all RWS training will focus on the Block II RWS. We are also accepting candidate nomination packets from the combat maneuver brigades that will be fielding the Block II RWS. More of the training will focus on interoperability between the brigade S2 and the division analysis and control element (ACE). We have already begun training and assigning Master Analysts to the maneuver brigade S2 shops and the supporting military intelligence (Ml) companies.

As the Army and Ml transition into the digitized world, we at AMAB will continuously evolve our training to support the future needs ofourMl soldiers. If you have any questions about our course, please review our website at URL (uniform resource locator) or contact us by choosing “E-mail: AMAP” at this site.

Sergeant First Class Eddie Shope is the chief of the All-Source Analysis System Master Analyst Branch.

Ranger MI Officers and Those Intersted

The 75th Ranger Regiment is seeking top quality, highly motivated, branch-qualified military intelligence officers for service in the Regiment. You do not have to be Ranger-qualified to apply The Regiment periodically has openings for lieutenants and captains at the battalion and regimental level to include a major’s position at regiment. Duty positions include battalion assistant S2 (AS2), and 32, Ml Detachment (MID) commander, and regimental intelligence collection manager Prior service in the regiment or special operations community is not required Duty positions are with 1st Ranger Battalion at Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Georgia; 2d Ranger Battalion at Fort Lewis and 3d Washington; Ranger Battalion and the Regimental Headquarters at Fort Benning, Georgia.

As a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment S2, you would have the opportunity for advanced as Airborne School, Jumpmaster School, Pathfinder, and Ranger School. Furthermore, you will routinely work with other Special Operations Forces units and have the latest technology at your disposal As an MI officer, you will serve an integral role in the planning and execution of Ranger operations in both the conventional and special operations arena for missions spanning the globe.

Interested Military Intelligence officers may send-

* Updated Officer Record Brief (ORB).

* Department of Army (DA) official photograp

* DA Form 4187 requesting this assignment.

* Letters of recommendation.

* Copies of academic and officer efficiency reports (AERs and OERs, respectively).

* Copy of Army physical fitness test (APFT) scorecard.

* Letter of intent.

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