Applicable NIMA products covering Afghanistan and the Middle East – National Imagery and Mapping Agency

Applicable NIMA products covering Afghanistan and the Middle East – National Imagery and Mapping Agency – Brief Article

The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) has produced standard hardcopy and digital map and imagery products covering Afghanistan. Army logistics elements (S4s) can assist in the requisitioning of these products. You may obtain them from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) through a variety of ordering methods, although electronic ordering is preferred. DLA’s Defense Supply Center-Richmond (the map facility in Richmond, Virginia) requests that you use the Military Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) and submit orders via the Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS). Electronic ordering allows Geospatial Information and Services consumers to take advantage of their intraservice or agency logistics systems to electronically transmit their orders to Richmond. In lieu of intrasupport systems, the Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC), Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, offers alternate electronic methods that greatly reduce order processing and shipping time. One such method use d by customers for DAAS connectivity is Web Requisitioning (WebReq), a DAAS system that allows customers to order mapping products via an Internet website. Refer to the Richmond Map Facility Website at http:// and follow the links to Ordering Info and Web Ordering.

NIMA standard product coverage of Afghanistan, as of September, 2001, includes hardcopy topographic and aeronautical products available from the NIMA Library (see Figure 1). There are no hydrographic products at this time. NIMA also offers six standard digital products and an additional one (see Figure 2).

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* Series U611, 1:100,000 scale (Topographic Line Map). There are 505 sheets available, covering the entire country.

* Series U911, 1;25,000 scale (City Graphic), Kabul sheets 1 and 2. No other city graphics for Afghanistan are currently available.


* Series 1501A (aeronautical) & 1501C (combined aeronautical and ground), Joint Operations Graphics (JOG) 1:250,000 scale. There are 65 sheets available that cover Afghanistan.

* Series TPC (Tactical Pilotage Chart), 1:500,000 scale, 7 sheets.

* Series ONC (Operational Navigation Chart), 1:1,000,000 scale, 4 sheets.

Figure 2. Available Afghanistan-Related Digital Products from NIMA.

Standard Products.

* VMAP1 (Level 1 Vector Map) Vector-based geospatial data in Vector Product Format (VPF). Data separated into ten thematic layers, each of which contains thematically consistent data. A reference library provides general information to orient the user. All data are topologically structured, and each coverage contains a set of files that describes the features in that thematic layer. VMAP1 contains medium resolution data at the 1:250,000 scale. There are 5 compact discs (CDs) that cover Afghanistan. Currently, we offer no coverage of the Kabul area. UVMAPAFGHANISTA is a city-scale vector map of the city of Kabul.

* DTED1, Level 1 elevation data (90-meter post spacings), 2 CDs, TCDXXDTED135 covers most of the country, south tip is on TCDXXDTED 149.

* CIB5, Controlled Image Base-5 meter. In Raster Product Format (RPF), which is compatible with the National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) standard. 12 CDs available. The Kabul area and other parts of the north and east are not yet available.

* Arc-Digitized Raster Graphics (ADRG), a 254-dots per inch (dpi) scan of NIMA hardcopy products.

Series ARC9 Kabul 1 & 2 (City Graphics)

Series ARC1, 1:500,000 (Tactical Pilotage Charts). 7 CDs.

ARC1XU611X0001, 45 CDs (most of AF)

ARC5, 16 CDs (most of AF)

* Compressed Arc-Digitized Raster Graphics (CADRG) Also in RPF format. A 169-dpi downsampling of ADRG. Provides a 55:1 compression ratio. Series is CDRG CDRGXAF100K, 1 CD with entire country at 1:100,000 scale (Topographic Line Map), 2 CDs at the 1:250,000 scale (Joint Operations Graphics). CDRGXONCTPC, 2 CDs, containing both 1:1,000,000 and 1:500,000 scale aeronautical charts.

* Digital Feature Analysis Data (DFAD) Level 1 and 1C. Vector data consisting of selected natural and manmade features classified by size and composition. Format is sequential (spaghetti) vector and data is segregated into 1[degrees] x 1[degrees] geographic cells. DFAD 1 is from imagery, DFAD 1C is from cartographic source. Density of detail approximates that of medium scale (1:250,000). Stock number TCDF1WORLDREG6 is both DFAD 1 and 1C and covers Afghanistan and much of the Middle East.

Nonstandard Products.

* Feature Foundation Data (FFD). Vector data at medium scale in VPF. Along IR Border, 1[degrees] x 1[degrees], available on NIMA secure websites.

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