Faded Coat of Blue

Faded Coat of Blue

Katcher, Philip

Faded Coat of Blue, by Owen Parry. 338 pages, no illustrations. Avon Books, 1999. $23.00

Faded Coat of Blue is the first in a planned series of historical novels featuring a Welsh immigrant to America, Captain Abel Jones. Jones is cast as a veteran of Her Majesty’s Army on the northwest frontier, lately a clerk in a mining company in Pottstown, Pennsylvania and now an invalided captain of U.S. Volunteers turned special investigator for the War Department. Written as if spoken in the lilting accent of Wales, the volume follows Jones as he searches for the killer of a prominent Philadelphia political figure and army officer. Although not a professional detective, he uses traditional Holmesian investigations to unearth the truth behind the crime. Along the way he meets McClellan and Lincoln and similar historical characters. Although the book has the usual errors of historical fiction, it’s a jolly good read and we look forward to the rest of the series.

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