Special Report: Microsoft’s Three-Ring Circus

Special Report: Microsoft’s Three-Ring Circus

Live From New Orleans: Microsoft Mobility Developer Conference

Check out PC Mag’s CTIA slideshow, plus its report on Microsoft Chairman Gates’ mobile developers’ pitch.

Microsoft and AT&T Wireless are expected to take the wraps off their jointly developed Microsoft Enterprise Location Server this week.

Research in Motion is playing both sides: It has inked deals with both Microsoft and Symbian.

PC Mag provides a first look at some of the latest 802.11g wireless gear.

Wireless options are aplenty, but users are wary, eWeek reports from the CTIA conference in New Orleans this week.

The battle over Smartphones is heating up, and Microsoft’s facing competition on all sides, says eWeek’s Jason Brooks.

More coverage on wireless announcements from Microsoft and others, straight from the show floor at CTIA, is over at eWeek.

Direct From Las Vegas: Microsoft Management Summit

The biggest bombshell from the show: Microsoft is rethinking its Windows roadmap and pushing out further dates for Longhorn and Blackcomb.

Hold on! Maybe Microsoft’s not making quite that big a Windows detour. Redmond is back-pedaling now and claiming it may do a Lonhorn Server Limited Edition, at most.

Redmond’s revamping its systems-management roadmap to include a new integrated suite due out in mid-2004.

Microsoft’s promising more details on its evolving plan for autonomic computing this week at its Management Summit.

More on Microsoft’s grand Dynamic System Initiative plan.

And more details on MOM 2004, which is due in mid-2004.

Microsoft released to beta testers at the show Beta 1 of Automated Deployment Services, a Windows Server 2003 add-on due to ship later this year.

Orlando Reports In: Microsoft Business Solutions: Convergence 2003

Check out the latest Business Solutions Product roadmap, as outlined by Microsoft brass at Convergence.

Microsoft is embarking on a major ISV recruitment tour and offered up some initial details at the Orlando show.

What’s on tap for Convergence this week? Check out the Microsoft Watch show preview for the latest on MBN, Microsoft Business Portal and more.

Microsoft’s Business Solutions team will show off an HRM self-service suite built on top of its Business Portal technology at Convergence this week.

What’s Redmond counting on to be its next big cash cow? The company is betting big on SMB.

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