‘Macallan’ Windows CE Release Due This Summer

‘Macallan’ Windows CE Release Due This Summer

Mary Jo Foley

Microsoft took the wraps off the latest version of its Windows CE platform at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco on Monday.

Microsoft is distributing a “technology preview” version of Windows CE 5.0, code-named “Macallan,” to attendees of the show. On April 1, Microsoft plans to make the preview available for download from the Windows Embedded Web site at http://msdn.microsoft.com/embedded/. The company is promising the final Windows CE 5.0 release will ship this summer.

Two years ago, Microsoft officials talked up plans for Macallan, noting at that time that the release would provide better storage capabilities and improved file system technology. Microsoft said at that time to expect Macallan to ship in 2005.

The Windows CE platform is embedded by a number of OEMs into a wide variety of devices. Microsoft itself is one of the OEMs, and builds its Pocket PC, Smartphone and Windows Automotive platforms atop Windows CE.

Just last week at the Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft unveiled its latest version of its CE-based operating system for Pocket PCs and Smartphones. Called “Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition,” the product is based on the current version of Windows CE (release 4.2). Windows CE 4.2 is code-named “McKendric.”

The Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition platform supports landscape screen orientation; high-resolution screens (VGA for Pocket PCs and QVCA for Smartphones); and square-screen orientation for smaller devices with keyboards.

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition is the second release in less than a year of a new operating system for Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

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