Catch a Rising Office Star

Catch a Rising Office Star

Mary Jo Foley

It’s not only the core dream team that’s focusing on how to expand Microsoft’s information-worker (IW) charter. Other individuals are working on new products/scenarios/add-ons that are designed to expand the audience for Microsoft’s business and productivity offerings.

Here are a few other folks to watch:

Lewis Levin, Corporate VP, business intelligence. Microsoft already has a number of offerings in the BI space. But Redmond’s got lots more up its sleeve. Excel 2003 will be the cornerstone, it seems, of one or near-term BI offerings from the IW unit.

Kurt Delbene, Corporate VP, authoring and collaboration. Delbene’s title doesn’t exactly reflect his responsibilities these days. He is in charge of the Office System 2003 servers, specifically SharePoint Portal Server and Project Server. But he also has a line into other IW/Office servers, including Exchange Server and Live Communications Server, on the product-development and marketing fronts. Delbene’s expertise is in the document-workflow area.

Ross, Cutler, Microsoft researcher (and Mr. Ringcam). Ringcam is Microsoft’s video-conferencing hardware/software device. Developed by Microsoft Research, Ringcam is now within one of Corporate VP Peter Rinearson’s technology incubators, company officials say. That means Microsoft’s likely to commercialize Ringcam sometime soon. Along with Live Meeting (Placeware) Web-conferencing solutions, Ringcam is the centerpiece of Microsoft’s next-gen meeting solutions.

This article is excerpted from the May 23, 2003, issue of Microsoft Watch.

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