Adobe Preps New Graphics Suites

Adobe Preps New Graphics Suites

Nick Ciarelli

Adobe Systems Inc. this fall will roll out a Creative Suite collection that integrates a slew of upgrades to its professional graphics applications.

Sources said the Creative Suite will ship in two versions, both comprising a number of major application upgrades. The Standard version will include Photoshop 8, Illustrator 11 and InDesign 3; the Premium edition will also feature Acrobat 6 Professional and GoLive 7. Both versions will ship with the initial release of an Adobe technology code-named Bauhaus that will provide cross-application integration and other services.

Adobe plans to roll out the Creative Suite, as well as the software upgrades, simultaneously in late September; sources said the software will ship in October. While pricing has not yet been finalized, the Standard version is expected to cost about $1,000, while the Premium version will likely cost a few hundred dollars more.

The company also plans to offer Adobe Club membership with both editions, which will provide product updates to Creative Suite owners. Adobe will include an additional font family with the Premium version.

Sources said Adobe will also unveil a new naming scheme to reflect the Creative Suite, reminiscent of Macromedia’s MX monicker. The application upgrades will reportedly feature a “CS” designation: Photoshop 8 will be marketed as Photoshop CS; InDesign and GoLive will also ship with the new label.Adobe’s efforts at bundling its creative software have continued in recent months with releases like the Adobe Video Collection. The company currently sells a Creative Suite in Italy only, but one source described the version that will ship this fall, code-named Mint Chip, as Version 2.

Microsoft Watch was the first to detail features of InDesign 3, code-named Dragontail. This spring, eWEEK published news of new features in Photoshop and ImageReady 8, code-named Dark Matter and Taconite, respectively, as well as Illustrator 11, code-named Pangaea. Sources said Adobe initially planned to release Illustrator 11 this summer and would later offer a minor update to provide compatibility with the Creative Suite. Adobe has reportedly changed its plans and will release Illustrator 11 with the other application upgrades in the fall.

Sources said the Creative Suite’s cross-application integration will be driven by Bauhaus, a technology that will provide features and services to creative professionals. It’s unclear what Adobe will name Bauhaus, but sources said it will extend the functionality of Adobe apps.

Bauhaus services will be available to users through a separate application but will also integrate within Adobe apps themselves, sources said. Bauhaus will reportedly provide users with workgroup and file management features such as project sharing; thumbnail views of projects; file versioning; and rich, cross-application file searching.

Adobe will build upon these features with a new Workgroup Server that will offer more extensive administration features as well as backup and archiving functionality. Other components of Bauhaus will include an online services platform as well as an SDK that developers will be able to use to apply Bauhaus services to their own solutions. Sources also said Bauhaus’ framework will be modular to enable users to add third-party components and services.

A representative of San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe declined to comment on the company’s product plans.

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