Free yourself from fears

Free yourself from fears – Overcoming Anxiety and Living Without Worry

Lucey, John

Free yourself from fears – Overcoming Anxiety and Living Without Worry By Joseph O Connor Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing ISBN: 1-85788-360-8 Price: £11.99 Review by John Lucey

Free Yourself From Fears shows you how to face fear head on. Do you want to live within fear or without? Read this book and the choice will be yours.

The 20th century was known as the ‘Age of Anxiety’ but in the few opening years of the 21st century this all-pervasive sense of unease has accelerated into a full-blown ‘Age of Fear.’

Joseph O’Connor in his new book Free Yourself From Fears looks at the three main types of fear; ‘unreal fears,’ ‘useful fears,’ and ‘cultural fears’ and how to get beyond those that prevent us from leading richly satisfying and fulfilling lives. Using his Master NLP training, he looks at how at specific examples including fear of flying and fear of snakes through to fear of public speaking and fear of other people’s opinions, suggesting dozens of practical exercises and techniques.

About the Author

Joseph O’Connor is a master trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the author of 16 books including the international bestseller ‘Introducing NLP’. He is originally from London, UK and moved to Brazil at the beginning of 2001. He founded Lambent do Brasil, a company specialising in business coaching, training and consultancy, in Sao Paulo.

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