Trade gateway

Trade gateway

AS the holding company of one of the largest groups providing services in

the transport and logistics sector, listed NCB Holdings Bhd (NCB) plays a

major role in ensuring the efficiency of the movement of cargo in the

country through its two wholly owned subsidiaries.

The NCB group is engaged in two flagship activities – the running of

port operations and supporting distripark services provided through

Northport (Malaysia) Bhd (Northport) and the provision of container

haulage and related logistics services undertaken through Kontena Nasional



Northport is the longest-established private operator of a commercial

port. It is the single largest port operating company in the country that

offers the full range of port services associated with both containerised

and non-containerised cargo.

It is also the largest gateway port for the nation’s sea-borne trade,

with a market share of more than 52% of the combined import and export

volume of the country’s trade in containerised form.

Northport offers the market modern facilities dedicated to servicing

containerised trade as well as multipurpose facilities to service non-

containerised cargo.

Northport is well-positioned within the service network of the world’s

leading shipping companies. Through more than 60 container shipping

services operated by leading global shipping lines, Northport offers

excellent connectivity that puts Malaysian exports and imports in the

mainstream trading markets of the world.

There are three dedicated container terminals – CT1, CT2 and CT3, each

fully equipped with state-of-the-art handling equipment and facilities and

together they are capable of handling more than 4.0 million TEUs per

annum. The combined facilities offer a total quayline stretching three


Container Terminal 3, which was completed in March 2005, is the show-

piece of Northport as it is the latest addition aimed at specifically

meeting the growing demand for capacity to accommodate mega-sized ships of

8,500-TEUs and above.

Kontena Nasional

NCB also fully owns the country’s largest and longest-established

container haulage company, Kontena Nasional Bhd.

The subsidiary offers container haulage services as well as the

associated warehouses and inland cargo clearance centres which together

provide the platform for integrated logistics services it is offering to

the market. It is now rapidly positioning itself up the value chain in

response to the more demanding business needs of customers.

As the parent organisation, NCB plays a pro-active role as a macro and

synergistic manager of its portfolio of business undertakings. Its role is

related to the effective management of strategic actions of investment

companies and exerting strong leadership influence to ensure successful

operations of the investee companies.

With the size of the country’s trade expected to double in the next five

years in value terms from the present level of RM800 billion, the

challenges and opportunities for the NCB Group of Companies can only

expand further.

This positive outlook will also place upon the group the responsibility

to measure up to the role of the nation’s trade gateway as well as the

organisation that is offering its ports and logistics services not only to

Malaysian customers but exporting the same to the regional and world

market at large.

Put in this position, NCB is poised to move further forward into the

role of a global investment company of choice for port management and

integrated logistics.

`MSAM provides us with the opportunity to showcase our range of business

activities. The visiting public, which is made up of people from all walks

of life, represent the stakeholders-at-large for the business undertakings

we are entrusted to run. The enquiries and feedback we receive from the

visitors serve as an invaluable indicator of the benchmark we need to

abide and what we must strive to continue to be successful. For us, MSAM

has been a remarkable avenue for a two-way learning process.’

– Datuk Dr Abdul Samad Mohamed,

– Group Managing Director, NCB Holdings Bhd

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