`Net’ gains, anyone?

`Net’ gains, anyone?

Reviewed by Cheah Chor Sooi

THE dotcom catastrophe which massively impacted new technology- driven businesses in the late 1990s had not only impoverished many budding technopreneurs, but worse still, had also inculcated a sense of fear on the viability of undertaking such business ventures.

This is a misconception which author Stuart Tan is eager to correct. According to Tan, many people have erroneously shunned from Internet and online income streams as a result of the dotcom disaster.

In Secrets of Internet Millionaires, Tan reveals that some of the largest companies in the world make their money solely through Internet income. Moving from the premise that Internet marketing is a way of reaching out to borderless customers, he argues that there are enormous sources of revenue one can tap via the Internet by offering one’s own product or services for sale (or those of others).

From the very basic requirement – market research and building a portal or a blog – Tan is generous to his readers with plentiful tips on how to address challenges and pitfalls along the way. And the beauty is readers need not doubt the author’s viewpoints as Tan himself is committed to the cause of grooming budding Internet marketers. A seasoned and active Internet marketer himself, Tan has set a personal goal of creating 15,000 profitable Internet marketers by the end of 2007.

`Many utilise and dominate the Internet as the new medium to reach out to and connect with their market. Finally, you can realise the dream of achieving wealth right in the comfort of your own home, by first building a strong foundation through this simple guidebook,’ claims Tan.

Complete beginners who find Secrets of Internet Millionaires a useful tool to seek profit online and wish to listen firsthand to the Internet marketing expert may enrol in Tan’s one-day workshop on The Rules of Corporate Online Branding at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Nov 14. Call 03-7956 7879 or e-mail sheena@akltg.com for more information.

`Secrets of Internet Millionaires’,

* By: Stuart Tan

* Publisher: Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

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* Price: RM49.90

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