Saab of Santa Monica: the new definition of “reverse chic”

Saab of Santa Monica: the new definition of “reverse chic” – Brief Article

Where do you go in LA to hear the latest buzz? A party in the Hollywood Hills? The hip new club on Sunset? Or the back lot at Fox? Well, the newest buzz can be found at a lot on the Westside–a car tot that is! And it is at Saab of Santa Monica.

Saab has always had that reverse-chic thing going for it. Something about its unique profile, Swedish roots and “dare-to-be different” attitude. But suddenly, Saab has taken its reverse chic, turned it inside out, and is now one of the hottest cars in a town that takes its cars very seriously. And if Saab is a hot car in LA right now, then Saab of Santa Monica is the hottest dealership … red hot to be precise.

Could it be the new showroom with its Herman Miler furniture and spectacular surround-sound pumping the latest hip-hop? Or the stylish salespeople who “know that Prada is not a museum and turbo is not a hairdryer.” It might just be that Santa Monica Saab sales and service approach has the same appeal as mid-century modern design: sleek, clean, and free of unnecessary gimmicks. They’ll even deliver your new car to your home, office, or location trailer … free of charge, it doesn’t get any easier than that. But don’t get the wrong idea. Saab of Santa Monica has a lot of substance behind its style. It’s part of the W.I. Simonson Group. A third generation family-owned business that has been selling cars in LA since 1937. And in this town, if you have been selling cars for that long, you must be doing something right. At Saab of Santa Monica the only thing that is square is the deals.

Saab of Santa Monica 1820 Santa Monica Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 310.828.0200

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