Haute house: the latest and greatest products and designs for the home – Directory

Haute house: the latest and greatest products and designs for the home – Directory – Advertisement

Jake Klein

AS THE WINTER SEASON SLOWLY ENCROACHES UPON OUR SUN-KISSED EXISTENCE, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIANS brace for our version of nature’s cruelest months We drag in our lawn furniture, stop skimming the pool, light a fire to protect ourselves against the biting 50 degree winter evenings, and contemplatively turn inward to reflect upon the magic that is our fair city. It is in these moments that one realizes how lucky we all are to be citizens of this desert-by-the-sea. We cherish our homes and the luxury of space that those East Coasters simply don’t understand. It is in this spirit that we celebrate the abundance of square footage that is our collective luxury and bring you a selection of our favorite new items with which fill your homes and hearts in this season of giving.


Ditch that Ambien! Toss that Valium! The newest prescription for a perfect nights sleep is Somniun. No, it isn’t the newest designer sleeping pill, it’s the city s most innovative beds retailer. It’s time to dismantle that tired old metal cage that you’re (hardly) sleeping on and get down to Somnium for the latest in well-designed modern sleeping technology. Indulge in luxury that is actually good for you. Somnium beds combine the latest in sleep technology, fine materials, and well-designed good looks for the most restful night possible. You spend a third of your life in your bed, why skimp?


8311 Beverley Boulevard, West Hollywood

323-655-6700, www.somniumbeds.com


When has doing the laundry been fun? Whether it’s a trip to the basement or to the laundromat, doing the wash can still feel like you re beating your clothes on a rock down by the river. Well, not any more. Whirlpool Corporation is introducing a revolutionary concept designed to make laundry easier while enabling you to accomplish more than ever before. Custom-built for every home, the Family Studio delivers not only the best in fabric care, but enables you to map the rewards of a more productive lifestyle by streamlining the details of your life into one multi-functional room.

The Family Studio concept offers a variety of new technologically-savvy household products including the SinkSpa[TM] jetted sink that makes the task of hand-washing easier, the DryAire[TM] drying cabinet enabling a quicker and more organized alternative to traditional air drying, the ImPress[TM] ironing station providing superior access and storage of your ironing board and ironing accessories, and the revolutionary Personal Valet[R] clothes vitalizing system. Combine all of these great appliances with beautiful cabinetry, extra storage and an island and you can create a room custom-built around your busy lifestyle. Ordinary laundry rooms help you manage your laundry. This one helps you manage your life; a marked improvement over a boulder by the river.


(800) 845-6858, ext. 5461, www.whirlpool.com


Used by top San Francisco Bay Area designers, McRoskey Airflex mattresses and box springs offer the best and most sought after sleeping systems. The unsurpassed comfort, quality and craftsmanship of these superior mattresses and box springs is finally available in Southern California at a new L.A. showroom

McRoskey Airflex Mattress Company

111 South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles

(310) 278-8191, www.mcroskey.com


Finally, a new and exotic way to bring the look and feel of the Far East in your own home with exciting and innovative designs by Francesca Keck for Celadon. The Celadon elegant artistry and design is reflected in their intricate attention to detail and rich-colored wood craftsmanship from a delicate bamboo arm chair and desk to an orange lacquer cabinet. Opening at the Malibu Country Mart in early 2003.


123 Market Street, Venice

(800) 581-0059 ext 205, www.celadonstyle.com


Over 20 different countries are represented at this unique furniture store through pieces that are truly revolutionary. At Revolution Pantechnicon Inc. one can find anything from custom reproductions made from old wood, to architectural salvaged pieces melded into unique and functional furniture, to a diverse array of one of a kind collectibles from countries spanning the globe.

Revolution Pantechnicon Inc.

7228 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

(323) 954-9944


Capturing the inherent strength and style of simplified design, Kohler[R] Co., a global leader in kitchen and bath design, introduces the Purist[TM] Suite collection. Only the most essential design elements are used to create this refreshing, refined collection of elements for the bath and powder room. Classic minimal design is freshened to deliver a graceful modern aesthetic and a new level of comfort. Purist[TM] Suite products beautifully blend modern convenience into environments that range from quiet elegance and eclectic luxury to casual retreats and a relaxing spa.

Kohler [R]

(800) 4-KOHLER, www.kohler.com

Ferguson Bath & Kitchen Gallery (Registered Showroom)

Locations in Santa Monica, Pasadena, North Hollywood

& West Hollywood



If you have searched the globe for the perfect piece of furniture or art, your quest is finally over. Koan Collection’s inspiring collection of sculptures, architectural fragments, furniture, and tribal fabrics come from India, Indonesia, Nepal, China, and Thailand. In-depth knowledge about Eastern art and design allows them to impart directly the best pieces available. The extremely well-priced selection does not sacrifice quality for beauty–they simply choose the best.

Koan Collection Inc.

6109 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

(323) 464-3735, www.koan-collection.com


Designed exclusively for individuals with the most discerning taste, Jacuzzi proudly unveils “The Private Collection”, a new series of limited edition products. A true design masterpiece, the Vizion[TM] is the first in this exclusive offering. The richly appointed whirlpool bath offers a beautiful blend of technology and luxury. While being massaged by 10 strategically placed hydrotherapy jets, bathers will be treated to a built-in state-of-the-heart entertainment center, complete with a high-definition, 10-inch flat screen television, DVD/CD player, AM/FM stereo and four surround-sound speaks. Furthermore, a unique floating remote control offers fingertip access to the jet system, television and underwater lighting, Bathroom space is forever transformed with the freestanding Vizion[TM] as the centerpiece of the room. Custom ordered for your individual needs.



Home Depot/Expo Design Center (Retail Dealer)

www.homedepot.com or www.expo.com


Expanding upon its success with the TS1 line of Plasma WEGA[TM] televisions, Sony is unveiling a new XBR series widescreen, high-resolution flat panel plasma television with advanced picture technology and a sophisticated design for discerning home theater enthusiasts. Continuing the legacy of innovative WEGA[TM] technology, the new models feature two-piece plasma panel/media receiver units and the new WEGA Engine[TM] system that displays brilliant images on the new high-definition panels. Heightening this experience is a floating glass panel display, designed to be the centerpiece of any home theater system.

Sony Electronics

(877) 865-SONY, www.sonystyle.com


Like something out of 2001: A Space Odssey, HAL9000-like B&W Nautilus Series is the newest must-have addition to any truly discerning audiophile’s collection. The compact design belies a powerful sound source hidden within its sexy exterior. Destined to become a collectors item, the Nautilus Series isn’t one of those ugly ducklings that comes with your average off the shelf system; these are handcrafted works of art that demand to be integrated into your decor. The B&W Nautilus Series has been greeted worldwide as an outstanding loudspeaker. These radical designs fully exploit the demanding dynamic range of the best modern recordings. For more information contract.

Ahead Stereo

7428 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

(323) 931-8873, www.aheadstereo.com

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Ahead Stereo

7428 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

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123 Market Street

Venice, CA

(310) 581-5300, (800) 581-0059

Cox Paint

1130 Santa Monica Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA

(310) 393-7208

11153 Washington Boulevard

Culver City, CA

(310) 838-2284

Kavin Construction, Inc.

3814 Willat Avenue

Culver City, CA

(310) 837-7035

Koan Collection Inc.

6109 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

(323) 464-3735

McRoskey Airflex Mattress Co.

111 South Robertson Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

(310) 278-8191

Revolution Pantechnicon Inc.

7228 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

(323) 954-9944


8311 Beverly

West Hollywood, CA



(800) 845-6858

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