The National Magazine of the Successful American Latino: Up & coming: Hispanic event guide February-March 2002

Up & coming: Hispanic event guide February-March 2002

Up & Coming

Hispanic Event Guide

February-March 2002


Februa- Februa-

ry 1 ry 1

Latino Latino

Leaders Leaders

has re- has re-

located located

to to

4229 4229

Hunt Hunt

Drive Drive

Ste Ste

3910 3910

Carrol- Carrol-

ton, TX ton, TX

75010 75010

Tel 1- Tel 1-

888- 888-

528- 528-

4532 4532

4-5 4-5 7-8 7-8 9

Marke- Marke- AAF’s AAF’s Brazi-

ting ting Most Most lian

Finan- Finan- Promi- Promi- Carnival

cial cial sing sing 2002

Pro- Pro- Minority Minori-

ducts & ducts & Students ty Stu- Holly-

Servi- Servi- Program dents wood

ces to ces to Program Palla-

US US American dium

Hispa- Hispa- Adverti- Ameri- Holly-

nics nics sing can Ad- wood, CA

Founda- verti- Tel

Insti- Insti- tion sing (818)

tute of tute of Waldorf Founda- 566-

Inter- Inter- Astoria tion 1111

natio- natio- New Waldorf

nal Re- nal Re- York, NY Astoria

search search Tel New

Wyndham Wyndham (202) York,

Bel Age Bel Age 898-0089 NY Tel

Hotel Hotel www.aaf. (202)

West West org 898-

Holly- Holly- 0089

wood, wood, www.

CA CA aaf.

Tel Tel org

(212) (212)

661- 661-

3500 3500

11 12 14 16

Natio- Lin- Valen- Grandes

nal coln’s tine’s Mastros

LULAC Birth- Day del Arte

Week day Popular

begins Mexicano

Lunc- Mexican

heon at Fine

Brady’s Arts

Landing Center

Restau- Museum

rant 1852

Hous- West

ton, TX 19th

Tel Street

(713) Chicago,

699- IL Tel

9716 (312)


17 22

Manuel Manuel Manuel Educa-

Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez tors

Bravo: Bravo: Bravo: Evening

Optical Optical Optical

Pa- Pa- Pa- Mexican

rables rables rables Fine


J. Paul J. Paul J. Paul Center

Getty Getty Getty Museum

Museum Museum Museum 1852

Los Los Los West

Ange- Ange- Ange- 19th

les, CA les, CA les, CA Street

Tel Tel Tel Chica-

(310) (310) (310) go, IL

440- 440- 440- Tel

7300 7300 7300 (312)

www. www. www. 738-

getty. getty. getty. 1503

edu edu edu

24 March 1 2

Renee Renee Renee Appli- Barrera

Fleming Fleming Fleming cation vs.

in in in Dead- Morales

Recital Recital Recital line to

the WBC

Los Los Los Ameri- Feather-

Angeles Angeles Angeles can weight

Opera Opera Opera Chemi- Cham-

Dorothy Dorothy Dorothy cal So- pionship

Chand- Chand- Chand- ciety’s MGM

ler ler ler Program Grand

Pavi- Pavi- Pavi- Garden

lion, lion, lion, Tel 1- Arena

Music Music Music 800- Las

Center Center Center 227- Vegas,

Los Los Los 5558 NV Tel

Angeles Angeles Angeles www. (702)

CA CA CA acs. 891-7777

Tel Tel Tel org

(213) (213) (213)

72- 972- 972-

7219 7219 7219

www. www. www.

los- los- los-

ange- ange- ange-

les- les-

opera. opera.

com com

3 5 8

Latino Latin Latin Hope

Book & Ameri- Ameri Sympo-

Family can can sium

Festi- Fas- Fas- Cele-

val hion: hion: brating

Pho- Explo- Explo- Latina

enix, ring ring History

AZ Tel Identi- Identi- Day

(310) ties on ties on

745- the the Pasa-

1567 New New dena

York York Hilton

Runway Runway hotel


Museum Museum dena,

at at CA Tel

Fashion Fashion (213)

Insti- Insti- 622-

tute of tute of 0606

Techno- Techno- www.

logy logy lati-

New New

York, York,

NY Tel NY Tel [ILUS-

(212) (212) TRACION

217- 217- OMITIR]

7642 7642

www. www.

fitnyc. fitnyc.

edu edu




10-11 13 14

Latino Latino NAHP 17th San

Book & Book & Annual Diego

Family Family Conven- Latino

Festi Festi tion Film

val val National Festival


San San tion of Mann

Diego, Diego, Hispanic Hazard

CA Tel CA Tel Publica- Center 7

(310) (310) tions San

745- 745- Tel (202) Diego,

1567 1567 662-7250 CA Tel

www.nahp- (619)

online. 291-7777



17 21 22

Flor y Latinas 4th 4th

Canto: @ Barnes Annual Annual

Nuevo & Noble Latina Latina

Mexico Associa- Confe- Confe-

tion rence rence

Museum of His-

of panic Ontario Ontario

Inter- Arts Airport Airport

natio- Hilton Hilton

nal New Onta- Onta-

Folk York, NY rio, rio,

Art Tel Canada Canada

Santa (212) Tel Tel

Fe, NM 727-7227 (909) (909)

Tel www. 328- 328-

(505) latino- 1385 1385

476- www. www.

1200 hispa- hispa-

nic- nic-

life- life-

style. style.

com com

24 26-27 29

The The US His- US His- Natio-

Magic Magic panic panic nal

Flute Flute Chamber Chamber release

Wolf- Wolf- of Com- of Com- Blade

gang gang merce merce 2:

Amadeus Amadeus 12th 12th Blood-

Mozart Mozart Annual Annual hunt

Legis- Legis-

Los Los lative lative Direc-

Angeles Angeles Confe- Confe- ted by

Opera Opera rence rence Guil-

Dorothy Dorothy lermo

Chand- Chand- The The del

ler ler Grand Grand Toro

Pavi- Pavi- Hyatt Hyatt

lion, lion, Hotel Hotel

Music Music Was- Was-

Center Center hing- hing-

Los Los ton, DC ton, DC

Ange- Ange- Tel Tel

les, CA les, CA (202) (202)

Tel Tel 842- 842-

(213) (213) 1212 1212

972- 972- www. www.

7219 7219 ushcc. ushcc.

www. www. com com

los- los-

ange- ange-

les- les-

opera. opera.

com com





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