The National Magazine of the Successful American Latino: Greetings from Pablo

Greetings from Pablo – Face

Susan Hornik

Pablo Santos actor

Anyone who has seen the The WB’s weekly half-hour series, Greetings From Tucson, which features the life of an ethnically mixed, upwardly mobile family in Arizona, can’t help but be impressed with the range of Pablo Santos’ comedic performances. Pablo stars as David Tiant, the quick-witted 15-year-old son whose adolescent foibles result in a difficult relationship with his father, which forms the catalyst for the show.

Pablo loves playing David, who does his best to grow up sane in what seems to him an insane family. “I love acting,” he says. “And the producers and other actors–like Lupe Ontiveros and Julio Oscar Mechoso–are so much fun to work with, too.”

While talking to Pablo, one has to keep reminding oneself that he is just a teenager, as he is mature for his age. “I spent all enormous amount of time preparing for acting in sitcoms, so I would know how to prepare for a role,” he says. Research included studying sitcoms at the Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles, where he watched episodes of I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners.

Plus, the rising thespian is hard at work during his acting classes. “I love my teacher; we do a lot of scene work. It’s really interesting to see the changes people go through as they work on their roles.”

Pablo’s dream of becoming a successful actor came to fruition in a remarkably short time, in 1999 Pablo and his family left Monterrey, Mexico, to move to Los Angeles. Only a short time later, he found himself a manager, who got him auditions in a variety of commercials and independent films.

“Since I was 13, acting has been my dream. I even paid for my own classes, because I was really serious about pursuing my career.”

Still, there is one thing that Pablo really misses about Mexico. “The food,” he exclaims. “The tacos are like nothing I have ever had here and the hot sauces are amazing.”

Pablo’s parents are thrilled that success has come so quickly. “They are very supportive of me,” he says. The acting bug has even bitten one other member of the Santos family: Pablo’s little brother, Adrian, 11, who has a recurring rule on The Bernie Mac Show.

Film is next on Pablo’s agenda. “The short film I worked on, Cojones, won Best Comedy at the Los Angeles Film Festival,” he states proudly. “But I would really love to do more.”

Though he is busy with his acting, Pablo–who just turned 16–would like to meet a girl to spend his time with. “But as you know, finding the right one takes time,” he says.

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