The National Magazine of the Successful American Latino: Bebu Silvetti: music producer

Bebu Silvetti: music producer – Face

ORIGINS: Buenos Aires, Argentina * WHEREABOUTS: Coral Gables, Florida * OCCUPATION: Music producer and master arranger. To date he has composed more than 600 songs, over 200 TV and radio commercials, and has also dabbled in soundtracks. * WHO HAS HE PRODUCED? : Luis Miguel, Placido Domingo, Jose Feliciano, Engelbert Humperdinck, and the list goes on and on. In 2002 he was Billboard’s Producer of the Year. * WHAT BEBU THINKS ABOUT LATIN POP: “Pop is not Latino. Shakira was born in Colombia and her music incorporates both Colombian and Middle Eastern rhythms. Ricky Martin is making pop music, but it’s not Latino. He sings in English. Latin music is tango, ranchers, vallenato, salsa, and cumbia. There are many Latino rhythms, but none of them have really taken the world by storm. Do you know of any world famous bolero?” * LATINO MUSIC TALENT: “I will give you $500,000 in cash if you can name 10 singers, who sing in Spanish, who begin their musical career five years ago, and are still famous.” * ARE YOU SAYING THERE’S NO LATINO TALENT?: “There is plenty of talent out there, but no record labels, music producers, or talent scouts are looking hard enough for it.” * IS THIS DEATH FOR LATINO MUSIC?: “Latino music isn’t going to die out, nor will Latino musicians–they will just keep on coming. But singers will have to crossover–sing in English–to be successful here. And then the Latin in their music dies. If I start singing in English, where’s the Latino in that? Where are the young Latino singers, the new generation? Zero. There is no such thing as Latin music now.”

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