The best music is closer than it appears

Alexis Langagne

These are two outstanding and contrasting musical expressions. They represent some of the best contemporary art today, from musicians already transcending their time. As you take a closer “look” (listen) to these composers, you will realize that those apparent contrasts are very, tightly linked.


Eleni Karaindrou

Trilogy / The Weeping Meadow

Greek musician Karaindrou has composed more than 30 orchestral and choral works for film and theatre. With strong native roots and very knowledgeable of World’s folk music, Karaindrou leverages her Classical background to compose very profound-but “easy to listen”-camera music. “The Weeping Meadow” is a film score for string orchestra and multiple instruments such as harp, accordion, violin and piano (played by Karaindrou). In her own words–this 16 movement work-“was born out of the love and conspiracy of musician friends who invested their life experiences, recognizing secret communication codes in my music”.


Tom Waits

Real Gone

It would not be fair trying to categorize Tom Waits’ music, it is probably the most eccentric music I’ve heard–it is also probably the most intriguing and strange, sometimes you would “call it rude but beautiful as well. Waits has been one of the most creative and unique composers for more than thirty years. An urban poet, outstanding storyteller, and film actor outside the music studio, Waits brings a new CD production that demonstrates his capability to reinvent music every time, with a never ending experimental sense. If “honest” could be measured in music, Waits’ would surely be the most honest music in the World, it expresses itself with no boundaries and it is meant to stay with us forever–so don’t over-react the very, first time you listen to it!

These musicians bring emotions and learning from the old wisdom of Greece, to the contemporary urban streets of L.A. They are spontaneous compositions that bring honesty to art, but that also show us how “beauty” can be expressed in many different ways. Enjoy the experience of listening to them, closer and closer …

Alexis Langagne *

The author is a passionate music listener arm drummer; has recorded albums and performed live in Mexico, Japan and the USA; born Mexican, now an Executive for a Fortune 20 company, living in Houston and reachable at:

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