The Thomas Kinkade Story: A 20 year Chronology of the Artist

A Book by: Thomas Kinkade Text By: Rick Barnett Price: $31.50 / Softcover–Bulfinch Press On Sale Now–

To the many Americans that avidly collect his art, Thomas Kinkade is widely acclaimed as “The Painter of Light”. A self described “Luminist”, Kinkade likes to paint with soft edges, a warm palette and an overall sense of light. His paintings are wildly popular, and also some of the most collected work by a contemporary American artist.

This book contains 195 full-color illustrations and 25 photographs of Kinkade and his work, along with a biographical depiction of the artist’s 20 year career.

The book is put together in an elegant fashion, reminiscent of its original, hardbound version. It is comprehensive and beautiful by itself; but what makes this book a treasure, particularly to Kinkade’s followers, are the descriptions that accompany the illustrations of his paintings and explain what inspired them. They are priceless bits of trivia that add insight to the artist’s inspiration and help us acid a human dimension to the work we already so admire.

This is an excellent art reference book … perhaps even a required piece in any art lover’s coffee-table book collection.

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