Gold ‘n Plump poultry chooses hatchery site in Independence

Gold ‘n Plump poultry chooses hatchery site in Independence

Cahalan, Steve

INDEPENDENCE, Wis. – Gold’n Plump Poultry said Thursday it will build an $8 million hatchery in independence to replace its Arcadia hatchery, as part of a $38 million expansion announced a month ago. The entire expansion is to be completed by 2008.

About 17 jobs will transfer from the current hatchery to the new one, and another 10 jobs are expected to be created, the company said. Gold’n Plump expects to break ground in April for the state-of-the-art hatchery, which will be larger than the current one.

The site is in the industrial park on Hwy. 121 in Independence, said Bill Petz, the company’s director of Arcadia operations. Selection of Independence depends on the city modifying a zoning ordinance, for which a public hearing will be held in two weeks, Petz said.

The proposed changes would help ensure that hazards not be created. For example, Petz said, the company wouldn’t want someone to create a pond nearby that would attract waterfowl that could carry viruses, endangering hatchery chicks, he said.

Gold’n Plump said Jan. 5 it planned a $38 million expansion of its Arcadia-area facilities, which is expected to create 50 fulltime jobs. The company now has about 530 employees in Arcadia.

The project includes increasing production capacity by 31 percent, updating processes to improve efficiency, building a larger hatchery, adding 36 breeder and grower barns in southwestern Wisconsin and increasing corn and soybean meal purchases.

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