The Secret Language of Girls

The Secret Language of Girls

Carol Kellerman

THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF GIRLS. Frances O’Roark Dowell. 2004. Read by Michele Santopietro. 3 tapes. 4 hrs. Listening Library. 1400085047. $25.00. Cardboard; plot, author, reader notes. J

Kate and Marylin have been best friends since nursery school, and live only five houses away from each other. Being so close they have developed a special ability to communicate with each other without using words. But when Flannery, who is two years older than Kate and Marylin, moves into the house across the street from Kate, Flannery drives a wedge between the two friends as she uses her influence to manipulate Marylin to shut Kate out. Santopietro creates a different voice for each of the several preteens who present the story from their point of view, including Marylin’s intense and amusing younger brother Petey.

Santopietro’s excellent reading interprets the many emotions that occur in the lives of these middle school girls–everything from the who and when of their first kiss, trying out for cheerleader, having a crush on a teacher, anticipating Marylin’s parents’ imminent divorce, and whether or not Kate has fat knees! Often humorous, occasionally cruel, and frequently poignant, this novel captures preteen concerns about peer pressure, acceptance and self-image. Carol Kellerman, Santa Fe, NM

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