Stone Kiss – Brief Article

Stone Kiss – Brief Article – Audiobook Review

Janet Julian

Faye Kellerman, 2002. Read by Julia Gibson & George Guidall. 9 tapes. 13 hrs. Recorded Books. #97143.0-1425-2570-2. $80.00. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. A

LAPD Detective Lieutenant Peter Decker flies to New York City at the urgent behest of his half brother, Rabbi Jonathan Levine. Jonathan’s wife has two brothers, Ephraim and Chaim Lieber, Ephraim has just been killed in a seedy Manhattan hotel room. Chalm knows something but both he and the Chasidic community close ranks against Peter. Chris Donatti, Peter’s old nemesis who is a psycho killer, may have done the deed. There are plenty of other suspects and tangled motives for Peter to work on before someone shoots him too.

Guidall does most of the narration. As always, his performance is award winning. He reads the Hebrew vocabulary with ease, all of which is defined in context for listeners. He gets into the characters’ heads and makes them real; listening to Guidall is like watching a suspenseful movie. And Kellerman’s novel, with its look into the Chasidic world and into the psyches of the characters, is a fast-paced story for mature listeners who can handle the violence, sex, and obscenities. An excellent choice for the right audience.

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