Patterson, James. Maximum Ride: School’s Out—Forever

Patterson, James. Maximum Ride: School’s Out—Forever

Paula Rohrlick

PATTERSON, James. Maximum Ride: school’s out–forever. (Maximum Ride, Book 2.) Little, Brown. 410p. c2006. 0-316-15559-4. $16.99. JSA *

This eagerly awaited sequel to Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, by the best-selling author of adult thrillers, doesn’t disappoint. Brave, wisecracking, teenage Max is back, trying to save her “flock” of mutant bird-kids CI prefer Avian American,” she says dryly) along with their talking dog from vicious, wolf-like Erasers. She’s also dealing with a Voice in her head that insists she has a mission to save the world. In this installment of the SF trilogy, the six young people are flying down the East Coast, searching for their parents, when one of them is badly hurt in a clash with Erasers and they’re forced to lie low while he recovers. The FBI director, a kind woman named Anne (but can they trust her?), takes them to stay with her in rural Virginia, and they even attend school–an eye-opening experience for all involved. But the Erasers, accompanied by a clone of Max, are still on their trail, and even Disney World isn’t safe. They end up in one “gnarly sitch” after another in this breathless adventure, which is full of action, swooping flights and fierce fights–a sure bet for the movies, along the lines of the X-Men. Paula Rohrlick, KLIATT

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