Fumizuki, Kou. Ai Yort Aoshi, vol. 1

Fumizuki, Kou. Ai Yort Aoshi, vol. 1

George Galuschak

FUMIZUKI, Kou. Ai Yort Aoshi, vol. 1. Tokyopop. 220p. illus. c2004. 1-59182-645-4. $9.99. SA

Ai Yori Aoshi, which translates to “True Blue Love,” is indeed a love story–when Kaoru Hanabishi stops to help out the girl in the train station, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Aoi Sakuraba is dressed in a kimono, her sandal is broken, and she is hopelessly lost. She tells Kaoru that she is coming to meet the man she wants to marry, a man she hasn’t seen in years. Of course, that man turns out to be Kaoru.

Aoi and Kaoru were betrothed as children; Kaoru doesn’t even remember, but Aoi has dedicated all her energies to being the perfect wife. She knows how to cook all of Kaoru’s favorite dishes, she waits for him at the station when he comes back from school, and she cuts her hair short because she knows that’s how he likes it. She is very naive, but willing to do anything Kaoru wants, whether they’re married or not; good thing Kaoru (who has inhuman powers of self-control) is such a nice guy. They spend a lot of time in his cramped little apartment, bumping into each other and blushing and saying “Um …”. However, there’s soon trouble in Paradise: Miyabi, Aoi’s minder, arrives to take her home. Kaoru has cut himself off from his prestigious family, and is thus unsuitable for marriage. Aors family is powerful and wealthy, and she is expected to marry a man who will advance the fortunes of her family.

Ai Yori Aoshi contains near-nudity, sexual situations and lots of sexual tension. This is the first volume of a series, so buy accordingly. Recommended for manga collections catering to older teens.

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