U.S. funds training of police, social workers

U.S. funds training of police, social workers

The Office of National Drug Control Policy initiated a new policy that funds standardized training for law enforcement and social workers to assist children exposed to production and harvesting of narcotics.

ONDCP Deputy Director Scott Burns said meth processors and marijuana growers are putting their children at health risk.

Burns said a triggering event was the ONDCP assessment that police raids at 15,000 meth labs have turned up more than 3,000 children. Nearly half had been exposed to toxic chemicals that had produced serious health problems for many.

The White House anti-drug office will offer $2.5 million in grants to develop standardized training for police and child welfare workers. Funding will come through the Drug Endangered Children (DEC) program.

Burns said programs have already been established in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

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