Welcome New ACA Members!

February 9-27, 2004

ACA members have affected profound legislative change, pried open the doors of a health care market once closed to our profession, paved the way to a bright future for chiropractic students, and shared the chiropractic vision with 100 million American consumers who need your care. Today, we have victory within our grasp, and victory lies in strength and unity! Member sponsorship is responsible for 25-50 percent of new ACA members. Space prohibits us from listing every member and sponsor who make a real difference in strengthening the ACA. Please visit www.acatoday.com for (I) a complete list of these important member sponsors (2) New ACA Members (3) details on the Torch Club, ACA’s reward program (including discounts on ACA products and services and other valuable awards) and (4) ACA’s online membership directory.


Walter Bennett, DC

Bryan McDonald, DC

Brad Russell, DC

Sponsor: P Reginald Hug, DC


Kurt W Hediger, DC

Sponsor: William D Pfeifer, DC

Chance Charlton, DC


Karen Christine Feeney, DC


Paul M Bruce, DC

David W Darrow, DC

Fred E Fronstin, DC

Jason Hall, DC

Craig Novia, DC

Sean Price, DC

Kimberly Staines, DC

Harry Vassilakis, DC


Michelle Baker


Matthew Chenault, DC

Sponsor: Paul R Hollern, DC

Robert Heit, DC

Sponsor: Charles L Schuster, DC

Kathy Kawa, DC

Olivia Wielowski, DC


Matt A. Hammett, DC


Ricky C Melancon, DC


Brian L Leahy, DC

Marc A Quick, DC

Janice A Slater, DC


Brian R PauLson, DC

Sponsor: James H Nelson, DC.


Donna W Woo, DC

New Jersey

Andrea Sciarrillo, DC

Richard Sheerin, DC

New York

KimberLy E Backlas, DC

Richard D Bailey

Gary P DiBenedetto, DC

Elizabeth A Donato, DC

Sponsor: April Idris

Ehren Doty, DC

Laura J Gregor, DC

Michele Kin, DC

Christian Frisco, DC

Patrick Szurek, DC

David S Williams, DC

North Carolina

Arland J Hill, DC

Damien Rodulfo, DC

Sponsor: April Idris


Leo H Simoson, DC

Darcey R Walraven, DC


Chris Wissinger, DC


Raymond J Benedetto, DC

Alison Gennaro, DC

Puerto Rico

Adam Nieves, DC

Sponsor: Irma I Sierra, DC

South Carolina

Michael E Bean, DC


Kathy S Bai Ley


Haifa Abouassi, DC

Joshua Gary BaiLey, DC

Daniel W DeWalch, DC

Nikolas Hedberg, DC

Brian T Kelly, DC

Ross A Leago, III, DC

Stacy D Manning, DC

Kingsley Okoronkwo, DC

Bill Sykes Jr, DC

Chris Thompson, DC

Shakara Walker, DC


Joshua David Gunn, DC


Jerrod M Newman, DC

Copyright American Chiropractic Association Apr 2004

Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved

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