Students in the forefront of planning for the future

Students in the forefront of planning for the future

Lorensen, Marianne

Greetings Preprofessional/Graduate

Student Members!

I am so glad you are able to take part in AAFCS as we enter the next millenium. By definition, it is a milestone, a time where everything seems new and interesting-and the possibilities are endless! We are on the threshold, looking toward the future and wondering what it holds for us and for our profession. The best part is, we will shape this future! The time to start planning it is now.

The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences is celebrating its 90th anniversary as the source and voice for strong families. I hope that each and every member and professional and pre-professional alike will join in this endeavor. Ninety years ago, a group of dedicated professionals had high goals and a strong sense of purpose for their organization. Today is no different. What is different is the amount of resources available to help us reach those goals and maintain that purpose.

As we launch into the Twenty-first Century, technology plays a big part in the way we learn, work, and communicate. Therefore, it is important that we use it to our advantage. My hope, especially for the P/GS, is that technology will allow us to form a stronger network among our members. Technology can enable us to share ideas, ask questions, form plans, set goals, and give feedback. E-mail and the Internet are right at our fingertips. If we use them, the possibilities are endless.

This year’s AAFCS P/GS officers will be working together to make sure that the P/GS Section stays connected and grows stronger. Every year, as we assess the challenges faced by our section, and the association as a whole, communication is high on the list. If we want to communicate effectively with one another, we must take that first step together. The following individuals were elected to serve you for the coming year:

Chair: Marianne Lorensen, University of Kentucky (e-mail: melore0@

Chair-Elect: Sarah Johnson, Meredith College (

1st Vice Chair: Tara Willbanks, Abilene Christian University (e-mail:

2nd Vice Chair: Jenny Watson, Bridgewater College (e-mail: jlw004@

Secretary: Tatyana Montano, Texas Tech. University (e-mail: tatyana411@

Graduate Liaison: Lydia Howard, University of Central Oklahoma (e-mail:

This information, along with e-mail addresses for the officers, is also located on the World Wide Web at We encourage you to visit this site regularly for current P/GS news and to contact the members of your national officer team. It is vital that the officers and AAFCS headquarters know how to get in touch with you as well. I cannot stress enough the importance of updating your address with headquarters. To update your records, contact the membership department (e-mail:; fax: 703-706-4663; phone: 703-706-4600; or mail: 1555 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314)

Before the summer comes to an end, each state affiliate will have received a memo from me. This memo is intended for P/GS chairs. However, if address information for those students is not available, the memo will be sent to the affiliate chairs or executives in the hopes that it will be passed on to the appropriate student. Included with this memo will be a form, to be filled out and returned by September 1, indicating current contact information for the P/GS chair.

The information you supply will be what the national officers use to contact you and distribute information. We want you to be able to e-mail us, “snail mail” us, and even pick up the phone and call us . and we want to be able to do the same for you. That is why it is so important that we begin to form these connections now. It is the only way to strengthen our section and enable us to have a productive year on all levels.

I speak for all of the P/GS officers when I say, we are at your service. I am extremely excited at the possibilities that lay just around the corner for our association and its student members! Working together, we can accomplish great things, create strong leaders, and provide enormous opportunities. Together, we can help AAFCS become recognized as the source and voice for strong families.


Chair, Preprofessional/Graduate

Student Section

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