From the editor

Denton, Nancy L

THIS ISSUE MARKS THE END of my stint as Editor in Chief of the Journal I come to this time with mixed emotions dominated by relief, regret, pride, and humility. For the last two years, I have stated countless apologies to authors, reviewers, the Editorial Board, and to the engineering technology community for delays, oversights, omissions, et cetera. Several past editors warned me that the Journal would require a full day’s effort per week to keep up; it rarely happened during my tenure. Thus, I will be relieved to no longer be the Journal’s biggest logjam. In addition, our two- or three-year dearth in submissions has ended, so I am relieved to be able to pass along a significant number of good quality, in-process manuscripts.

Regrets for what did not get accomplished are dominated by concern for the financial state of the Journal. Despite heroic efforts from Advertising Editor Walt Buchanan (with assistance from numerous ad-placing engineering technology administrators) and a successful NSF proposal by Fall 2000 issue Guest Editor Carole Goodson, our reserve fund has dwindled. We strive to be prepared to publish for a year without advertising and ASEE/ETD cost-sharing, should this become necessary. For now, we might be able to produce one issue if our regular funding sources disappear. Minor regrets encompass many things that did not happen, from overhauling our reviewer database to mentoring authors and editorial board members as wholeheartedly and capably as former and current past editors Richard Moore and Cecil Harrison did.

Pride and humility intertwine-it truly has been an honor and privilege to serve the engineering technology community through this journal. Every issue affords us the opportunity to let others know we are an asset to engineering education and industry. It has also been an ongoing reminder of the sentiment, “if I have accomplished anything, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.” We bid adieu to Cecil Harrison who has served on the Editorial Board for the past decade. Cecil had the dubious pleasure of training me for the Production Editor and Editor in Chief positions on this board. I am deeply indebted to him for his wisdom and guidance, plus his remarkable ability to avoid the phrase “I told you so” whenever I earned it. Susan Miertschin, the Production Editor responsible for producing this and the last three exemplary Journal issues, will become your Editor in Chief in June. Tim Zeigler will move from Manuscript Editor, where he has greatly increased our manuscript submissions, to Production Editor, and Paul Wilder will join us as Manuscript Editor. Walt Buchanan, Sohail Anwar, and Dole Cooper will continue in their current positions. The Journal is in good hands!

As I rotate to Past Editor (affectionately known as the best job on the Board), I thank you for your encouragement, support, and loyalty.

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