Surgical dislocation of the hip joint for intra articular pathology

Surgical dislocation of the hip joint for intra articular pathology

Rietveld, J A

Surgical dislocation of the hip joint using the technique developed by Rheinhold Ganz, is a relatively new method for surgical exposure of the hip.

A review of 8 cases that underwent surgical dislocation of the hip joint was undertaken, to assess the short term outcome, complications associated with the procedure and to identify some of the indications for this technique. This is a retrospective analysis of surgical dislocation in two centers undertaken by the same surgeon with a maximum follow up period of one year.

Surgical dislocation of the hip allows access to the hip joint with some associated morbidity due to the surgical exposure but there were no cases of avascular necrosis in the short term follow up.

We were able to define specific pathological conditions affecting the hip where there is significant improvement following treatment using this method of exposure of the hip joint. Good exposure of the hip joint is obtained via surgical dislocation so allowing good access for surgical intervention.

There is an associated morbidity with the technique but this method of hip exposure allows an alternative to hip arthroscopy and allows easier access to the joint for the treatment of intra articular pathology.

J.A. Rietveld, P. Armour

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Timaru and Christchurch Hospital.

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