The real air war – Doctrine

The real air war – Doctrine – Brief Article

Joint Pub 3-51, Joint Doctrine for Electronic Warfare, provides an overview as well as definitions of key terms and concepts. Moreover, the volume covers multinational aspects of electronic warfare. Friction has occurred in recent operations when allies discovered that various electronic warfare (EW) assets employed together caused interference, and that critical signals intelligence was not being passed along. This publication explains how both NATO members and Asia-Pacific allies can move toward the concept of multinational electronic warfare.

Planning, coordinating, and using electronic warfare is described in a usable format. This is important because past operations have not always fit into the joint doctrine model. Appendixes cover special cases such as frequency deconfliction, EW reprogramming, and modeling. Service perspectives on the subject could be more robust since all four branches have different needs and usually want to accomplish different tasks.

The pub also stresses the importance of coordinating EW activities with intelligence, which is frequently not done and has led to embarrassment and potential operational failure.

Information operations is an overarching term currently in vogue in DOD channels, electronic warfare is a major part of this effort and is crucial to future military operations.

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