Ticker tape

Ticker tape

Simeon Booker

CONFIDENTIAL: A critical test of the nation’s First Amendment law may come because a Black police chief, Montgomery (MD) County Chief Charles A. Moose, wants to write a book which would highlight his career and recount his efforts in capturing the two men who allegedly killed 10 and wounded three during a three-week-long sniper attack in Maryland, Virginia and the nation’s capital. The County Ethics Commission has ruled he cannot profit from his job and thus cannot write the book, which could become a movie. The Commission said it would be a violation of public policy. Moose’s lawyers, however, counter that other public officials, including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, have profited from books while in office. Justice Thomas recently agreed to a $1.5 million book advance … Little publicity but the U.S. Justice Department has smashed what it considered “a bogus tax refund scheme” involving slavery reparations and paybacks to Black farmers. Aides said that the National Resource Information Center sold illegal tax information kits to almost 6,000 families in mostly Southern states…. “Residents who live in the shadow of the White House are not free,” Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams told a rally, after he signed a bill to move the city’s primary to the first Tuesday in January. If not overturned by either the Senate or House, the District will promote the nation’s first primary next year, further emphasizing the lack of a vote by D.C. elected representatives on Capitol Hill … The nation’s oldest active journalist, Sam Lacy, sports editor for the Baltimore Afro-American newspapers, celebrates his 100th birthday on Oct. 23. He has worked for 64 years at the paper and helped break down the barriers which once blocked Jackie Robinson from baseball.

Simeon Booker, Washington Bureau Chief

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