Sizzling makeup tips & tricks for summer

Sizzling makeup tips & tricks for summer

Looking your best is a goal that is achievable year-round, but the same beauty routine you followed during the fall and winter no longer applies for the warm weather months. Keep your cool with these basic beauty tips to adjust yourself to the dog days of summer.

Humidity and hot weather go hand in hand, so your skin won’t need the same amount of moisture that it did back in December. Make the switch to a lighter moisturizer to avoid excess oil and unwanted breakouts.

Participating in outdoor activities or just soaking up the sun is what makes summertime so enjoyable. Whether you’re playing a game of beach volleyball or simply taking a leisurely stroll, don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays. The last thing that you want to do is allow the sunshine to harm your skin or age it prematurely. When outside always wear a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 on all exposed areas of the body including the lips, neck and hands.

Avoiding the sun completely is almost impossible, which means there is a good chance your skin tone will change to a slightly darker shade during the summer. To adjust to your new hue, purchase your favorite brand of foundation in a darker color to match your tanned skin.

Heavy foundation in the summer is unnecessary and is certain to melt away. For light coverage and a dewy appearance, add a few drops of water or moisturizer to thin out liquid foundation. To keep makeup from fading in the humid summer months experts also recommend dusting a loose powder over clean skin before applying foundation for longer-lasting coverage.

Apply the powder over eyelids as well to soak up additional oil before putting on eyeshadow. This sets the shadow in place and prevents creasing.

The Sister who enjoys an intense, sweaty workout, but hates the raccoon-eyed aftereffect, should switch to waterproof mascara. It stays intact and looks fresh even after a dip in the pool.

For luscious lips think soft and shiny. Update your look with sheer colors that offer a hint of bronze, gold, amber or plum. Dab it on and top it off with a shimmering gloss. For a more natural look try a nude-colored lip pencil or apply a small amount of foundation over well-moisturized lips and finish with a clear gloss.

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