Mother Love Says She’s Willing To Forgive TV Execs Who Fired Her As Host Of `Forgive Or Forget’

Mother Love Says She’s Willing To Forgive TV Execs Who Fired Her As Host Of `Forgive Or Forget’

Mother Love, the compassionate talk show host who won fame on “Forgive or Forget,” practices what she preaches. After she was recently fired by TV execs at Twentieth Television, the show’s syndicators, and replaced with actress Robin Givens as host, Mother Love says she can find it in her heart to forgive those who gave her the ax (JET, Dec. 20).

“I would be at the door,” Mother Love told the New York Post in her first interview since she was fired by executives who let her go to keep the show competitive and to take it into a new direction for its second season. “If they were to come to me and say, “We’re sorry’ or whatever, and they were asking for my forgiveness, they could have it, but they would have to ask.”

She told the newspaper that it is painful to have been fired from the show for which she became known.

“I was upset. I was hurt. I was in tears. I was devastated,” she revealed.

Because of the unpredictable nature of show business, she said she understood that the move was a business decision.

“This is a business,” she asserted to the newspaper, “and you can not tell people how to conduct their business … I’ve been let go of jobs before because that’s the nature of the business.”

Not one to wallow in sorrow, Mother Love is strong and determined to make it through the devastating ordeal.

“My task as Mother Love is to be strong and faith-filled and to move on. And if I don’t do anything, let me be a living example that, yeah, we all get kicked around, but the true test of what Mother Love really is about is how I will rise from this. And I know that I will be OK.”

She told her fans to keep the faith.

“I just want everybody who watched the show, who believed in Mother Love, to keep believing and keep dreaming and always know like I tell ’em: `Miracles do happen.'”

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