Master P and Romeo to release father-son album on profanity-free record label

Master P and Romeo to release father-son album on profanity-free record label

Margena A. Christian

Nickelodeon TV star Romeo and his dad, rap mogul Master P, are joining forces for a father-son project, Hip-Hop History. It will be the first release on Master P’s new label, Take A Stand Records, which is committed to street music with no offensive lyrics.

“I made a lot of money, but didn’t know the way,” said Master P, who once built a record empire, No Limit, with songs about violence and profanity. “I will keep making mistakes, but if we can help guide kids in the right direction, it’s a start. Put down the gun and pick up a pen.”

Rapper 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) wasn’t so impressed with Master P’s decision to change his music in light of the Don Imus controversy.

“Master P doesn’t sell CDs anymore,” was 50 Cent’s response during a BET press conference.

“This is bigger than what Curtis Jackson thinks,” said Master P, who explained that he helped finance 50 Cent’s first rap tour through the South. “I come from the ghetto. I would want my children to do better than me. I just think he is promoting controversy to sell a record. He has always talked about people. My mission is to change and help save the lives of kids. My mission is a goal.”

This fall Romeo will attend the University of Southern California where he earned a full athletic scholarship to play basketball (JET, May 7).

50 Cent’s upcoming album, Curtis, was originally slated for release later this month, but has since been pushed back to Sept. 4. The delay was attributed to the album being incomplete, according to 50 Cent’s official web site.

Master P’s Hip-Hop History is slated for release on the same day.

“Don’t God work in mysterious ways,” said Master P. “The music business is at an all-time low and his album got pushed back … Everybody doesn’t want to be ignorant and glorify being shot nine times.”

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