Jefferson’s Descendants Celebrate – The White House

Jefferson’s Descendants Celebrate – The White House – Brief Article

* JEFFERSON’S DESCENDANTS CELEBRATE: President Bush is applauded by descendants of Thomas Jefferson and those of Jefferson’s slave Sally Hemings after Bush signed a proclamation to honor Jefferson’s 258th birthday during a recent ceremony in the White House. Among those at the ceremony were (l-r) Paul Harris, Virginius R. Shakelford IV, Patricia Harding, Ann Medley and Troy Harding. Jefferson, who was born on April 13, 1743, is said to have fathered six children with Hemings. Shannon Lanier, a Hemings descendant, said she appreciated Bush’s actions. “It’s a great thing. It’s a blessing that the president of the United States is recognizing both sides of the family as legitimate descendants,” Lanier said. In recent developments, archaeologists have discovered what they think is a slave cemetery on the grounds of Monticello, the home of Jefferson, near Charlottesville, VA. The discovery of the cemetery, which holds from 40 to 110 bodies, is the first time burial plots for slaves have been found on the property.

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