Gladys Knight weds Les Brown in private ceremony in Las Vegas

Gladys Knight weds Les Brown in private ceremony in Las Vegas

Soulful singer Gladys Knight assured her fans that she would marry motivational speaker Les Brown “when the time is right” (JET, Nov. 4, 1994).

And the time was indeed right recently when she and Brown exchanged wedding vows in a private ceremony in Las Vegas on August 29.

The happy couple had been engaged for nearly three years.

Ms. Knight once revealed to JET: “I’m in love with Les and he’s the man I’m going to marry” (JET, April 19, 1993).

She also said at the time, “I was not looking for a relationship when I first met Les in Chicago where I was performing at the Regal Theatre. When we were introduced in my dressing room after the show, he said, `Hello,’ and hugged me. When he hugged me, it was a kind of little electrical thing,” she chuckled.

They exchanged phone numbers and talked frequently on the phone after the first meeting.

Their first long conversation started during a chicken and waffles breakfast after a church service during the singer’s engagement in Chicago. “We started talking and it seemed like we had known each other all the time,” she remembered.

During that same interview with JET in 1993, Brown said of his wife-to-be: “Gladys is a great human being. She’s a great person. The warmth and the genuineness that people see on stage is who she is in person. She has brought to my life a love of completeness and fulfillment that I did not even know was available …. That’s how I feel about her. I have found

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