Experts Give Tips On How To Live Longer

Experts Give Tips On How To Live Longer

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. There are ways to do that, experts say, without exhausting yourself.

Several high-impact tips for living a longer and healthier life were shared by experts in a recent USA Weekend article. According to experts, some of the tips are based on simple, everyday common sense. Among the experts’ tips are:

Wear a seat belt

Accidents, the newspaper reported, are a leading cause of death for adults ages 25 to 44. Using seat belts reduces fatal accidents by 45 percent and serious injuries by 50 percent.

Quit smoking

Smoking is linked to heart disease, which is the No. 4 cause of death for adults 25 to 44 and the top killer for older adults.

Sleep soundly

Sleep lowers stress while raising mental acuity and focus, the article cites.

Use condoms

HIV, largely transmitted through bodily fluids, is the No. 1 cause of death in ages 25-44. Nearly 60 percent of AIDS cases diagnosed since 1981 could have been prevented by using condoms.

Exercise routinely

Lifestyle physical activity such as raking leaves, taking the stairs and walking the dog can cut heart-disease risk, control weight and improve blood pressure and mood. Strength also is an important factor. It is suggested that you lift weights because it builds muscles, bone density and metabolic rate, and retards aging.

Take a daily aspirin

Aspirin reduces pain and inflammation, slashes heart attack risk and perhaps prevents polyps in the colon from turning cancerous. But it is advised that you see your doctor before long-term use.

Get a checkup

Experts cite that disease is easier to treat early than late. Regular checkups should include a physical exam and family history, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, blood and urine analysis and other targeted tests. Don’t forget shots: Update childhood inoculations with diphtheria and tetanus boosters every 10 years.

Turn off the TV

When you spend lots of time watching television, studies show that you are more prone to become sedentary, eat more snacks and become obese. Turning off the set also allows more time for family, friends and creative, emotional and physical activities.

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughing reduces stress, according to experts, because it fends off disease by activating immunological cells, elevates brain awareness and even increases levels of natural pain-killing opioids.

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