Dennis Rodman tells Oprah why he dates white women and feels the NBA will ‘ruin itself.’

Dennis Rodman tells Oprah why he dates white women and feels the NBA will ‘ruin itself.’

The Chicago Bulls, controversial forward Dennis Rodman recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss his new book, Bad As I Wanna Be, where he talked specifically about why he dates White women and feels that the National Basketball Association (NBA) will “ruin itself, in the near future.

Rodman, who’s been known to date White women, one of his most famous former companions being pop superstar Madonna, told Winfrey that he doesn’t dislike Black women but that he’s found that the Black women he’s encountered don’t accept him as he is.

“I’m attracted to White women now and I’m attracted to Black women still. But I haven’t found a Black woman willing to accept me as I am,” Rodman told Winfrey.

He also told her that he is hurt to learn certain women from his past who he wanted to date, but who refused to date him because he wasn’t attractive enough or wealthy enough, want to come back now that he’s in the spotlight.

“The same women that I tried to go out with 15 years ago now all of a sudden my mother gets phone calls from . . . that just hurts my feelings even more to think that these women can all of a sudden come back in my life and say ,Ok, I wanna go out with you, now because I have money,” explained Rodman, who says that he does currently have a steady girlfriend.

Rodman, who finished the regular season with his fifth consecutive rebounding title, talked about how he believes the NBA will put itself out of the game because it pays players so much money, especially players who he feels haven’t earned the right to make such large amounts.

“I think the NBA is going to ruin itself in the next 3, 4, 5 years. . . I understand Michael Jordan, Magic and Bird–the great, great players who brought this league to where it is today–but we’ve got young players coming into this league asking for $15 million and haven’t dribbled a basketball in this league,” Rodman said, firmly adding that they could ” go to — wherever and kiss my — whatever.”

The colorful-haired, tattooed basketball player also told Oprah that on the court he and fellow ball-players Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are cordial to one another during the game but “have our space” off the court.

“We can’t be confined to each other all the time. We know that Scottie has his little aura, Mike has his little air, I have my little hole. It’s like a triangle,” Rodman explained. He also added that there are no hard feelings between he and Pippen who he pushed into a camera, causing him to badly injure his chin, during a playoff game when Rodman was a member of the Detroit Pistons.

Though he admitted to never apologizing to Pippen for his action, he said the appropriate time will come when he will do just that.

“I think it’ll be a time and place for me to apologize. I think the best time for me to apologize to Scottie Pippen is if we win the ring,” Rodman said talking about the possibility of his team walking away with a fourth NBA championship title. “I will stand up there and apologize to him in front of the whole world.”

While Rodman is tempermental on the court, there is one person who makes him truly happy and that’s his 7-year-old daughter Alexis.

Not one to hold back his feelings, the outspoken rebounder was speechless when he tearfully told Winfrey the person he repects the most. In addition to Chuck Daley, former coach of the Detroit Pistons, and his girlfriend, he tearfully added “I respect my little girl Alexis.”

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