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With more than 750 amateur athletes competing recently in the 16-day XII Pan American Games in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, the United States won an unprecedented 424 medals at the athletic competition.

Among those winners were Antonio Tarver, of Orlando, FL. The light heavyweight boxer defeated Ecuadorian fighter Garcia Quinonez for the gold medal.

Tarver’s medal was the only bright spot for the American boxing team.

Wesley Barnett, of Colorado Springs, CO, won the gold medal in the 238-pound weightlifting division. He also won a gold medal in the clean and jerk and a silver in the snatch.

Roger Kingdom won the gold medal in the hurdles for the American men’s track team.

And Meridith Rainey of Silver Spring, MD, won the gold medal in the 800-meter race for the women.

Overall the U.S. collected 169 gold medals in the competition between North, South and Central American countries which takes place once every four years and one year prior to the Summer Olympics.

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