Fujifilm Introduces Computed Radiography Dynamix HR System

Fujifilm Introduces Computed Radiography Dynamix HR System

Tokyo, Japan, July 9, 2007 – (JCN) – FUJIFILM Corporation announced the debut of the new Dynamix HR System, a high-definition, next-generation computed radiography system and UR-1 high-definition imaging plate for non-destructive testing.

A next-generation model of the Fujifilm Computed Radiography digital X-ray inspection system, the Dynamix HR offers high-resolution reading at intervals of 50 micron meters (1 micron meter is 1/1,000 mm), twice the reading density of the previous model, making it capable of detecting even microscopic flaws.

Fujifilm Computed Radiography is an X-ray inspection system that produces highly detailed digital images by recording X-ray radiation on an imaging plate, which is highly sensitive to radiation.

An image reader performs optimal reading and digital image processing in accordance with the material and other characteristics of the target object. The ability to create a digitized image of the target object allows the images to be quickly displayed and the inspection data to be networked.

This inspection system has a wide range of uses, including the detection of flaws in aviation, automotive, power generation facility and other components, and in maintenance inspections of factory facilities.

According to recent studies, the HR system has shown particularly great promise in the aircraft engine industry for its fine detail capability and the detection of tiny flaws.

The Dynamix HR System swiftly digitizes the X-ray image of the target, quickly reading imaging plates up to 35.4 x 43.0 cm – a size suitable for inspections of large components – in as short a time as 93 seconds.

The systems compact design, around 60% the size and weight of the previous model, lend it to installation in various locations, including testing rooms, research facilities, and mobile inspection vehicles.

Fujifilm is also simultaneously launching its Dynamix Series 5 System with a reading pitch of 100 micron meters.

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