Also: keep warm this winter with an 8-bit jumper and some energetic mouse clicking

Also: keep warm this winter with an 8-bit jumper and some energetic mouse clicking

Bricking it

Lego bricks aren’t made by Danish elven folk, they’re injection moulded at extreme temperatures from multi-coloured durable molten plastic stuff. This site doesn’t take away the magic though, it just presents it in a different way. In Flash 7, to be precise.

Retro chic

We’re big fans of retro gaming tech here at IM–send us pictures of your old Vectrex systems, your family of Tomy robots or your drawer full of CVG mags and we’ll dribble over them for hours. But if, like 8-bit freak Dan Catt, you spend sleepless nights designing retro-knitwear so your baby daughter can literally dribble over the Speccie’s Alien8 robot, well, that’s fine too.


Used as a viral marketing tool by the BBC to promote comedy series The Office in the run-up to Christmas, this Flash game challenges you to try and chuck balls of paper into a wastepaper basket without them being blown off course by a desk fan. Surprisingly addictive, but crap on Mats for some reason.

Matt Stuart

If there’s one thing the Web does really, really well, it’s showcase photography. So if you can also take photos really, really well, you’re on to a winner. Matt Stuart’s quirky street scenes include some genuine crackers in both colour and black and white. Great stuff.


Don’t even think of visiting this site unless you’ve come back from the pub and have more twilight hours free than brain cells. Hogafflahage (?) is a completely hatstand Scandinavian Flash/Shockwave spasm of a site built with more layers in it than a very big onion inside a tall wedding cake beneath a big pile of filo pastry. Madmadmad.

Camp it up

This is one of those humour sites you’re either going to bookmark or loathe with a passion. Crammed with irreverent cartoons, films, sound clips, fake ads, Flash games and music videos, the content is more twisted than camp, but has its moments.

Sing us a song

Simple, this one. Type a sentence, phrase, poem or whatever into the form I provided and it’ll be sung back to you using vocal snippets from pop stars. If you get a good one you can mail the file to your mates–who will no doubt be delighted they’ve been added to yet another anonymous mailing list.

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